New The Conduit Screens.

New The Conduit Screens at IGN show depth of Blur, Particles effects, refractions, intricate details on sign's fonts, and new creatures like the wall hugging cocoons.

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ChickeyCantor3434d ago

I just want to play this game now -_- I need my FPS groove back!
Gamepads just don't work for me anymore =(...

El_Colombiano3434d ago

Mouse and Keyboard FTW. I feel you man.

ChickeyCantor3433d ago seriously mouse and keyboard?
That isn't immersing at all.

Yeah there is "aiming" precision but you aren't really aiming now are you?
Moving the mouse a little bit without pointing towards something to get a headshot is not fun at all.

Although it does have the most flexible input( lots of keys for doing stuff )

kesvalk3434d ago

they are still in pre alpha?

cuz that textures, they are not good...

hope it get better, really hope so, i am worring about all the hype this game is getting...

Panthers3434d ago

Its a Wii game. Dont expect it to get much better.

edit: i replied before looking at pics but wow those are ugly.

BWS19823434d ago (Edited 3434d ago )

something tells me even if it impressed you, the same words would have been typed. You just demonstrated you based your opinion on a complete lack of evidence and only on the fact it's the Wii. Do you judge people that way too?

We all understand it's not going to run Crysis, okay.

BWS19823434d ago

to justify their console choice I suppose will be said. For the record, I have a PS3 and PC, not a Wii, but if you look into the technology and stop the Gears 2 and Killzone 2 comparisons, and put other Wii games next to this game, it's more of an achievement. No, it's not going to rival the high end consoles' offerings, but it's pushing a console that is rarely pushed. That's the point. People complain about too much Mario and Pikachu, and when a game offers something else, they still whine. Goes to show the whining will happen regardless. Accept it for what it is and quit bashing a game because of its origin, it's no Crysis, we get it. It's still above and beyond last gen, despite any claims to the contrary. The Wii is not a gamecube, and it's not a PS3 or a 360, so the immaturity has to end. Grow up.

Ju3434d ago

I agree. I will get this most likely when its out. I am actually impressed what they squeeze out out of that little white thing. I'm just curious how the controls will work and I don't know much about the gameplay.

PS360WII3434d ago

Not to bad this game should be pretty solid once it comes out :)

jorgeanaya0003434d ago

Hope the textures get better or it will not live up to its hype. But I think they'll deliver.

ChickeyCantor3434d ago its all about the textures?
There is much more going on than just textures.
They still have lots of time to polish stuff up though.

kesvalk3434d ago

let's hope you are right, i am waiting for a good FPS after metroid and dind't find any (heard MoH2 is good, but don't have money yet) and i would love some humans vs aliens FPS, let's just hope the hype don't kill the game...

OBS: the Eye in this new photos are a LOT better than the last one i saw in a video some time ago, good thing they remade it...

ChickeyCantor3433d ago

But from now on, people will try and bash the game for the minor things.
I mean this guy said it won't sell because of the current textures...
I mean most of us who are getting this are more interested in the gameplay than a flawed texture or whatever.

O and the ASE? I think its the same just in a different lightning.
Looks good though =)

jorgeanaya0003433d ago

Calm down, Sidar.
I'm not bashing the game. I'm very optimistic about this game. I'm just worried that people will expect too much and then be majorly dissappointed. Even at its cuurent state, I'd still play it. Graphics aren't that important thing; story and gameplay comes first. Anyway I heard the control scheme would be or is better than the Metroid Prime 3 scheme. I'd buy it solely on that fact.
Anyway, I know they still have like half-year to polish.

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