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Farpoint is a pastiche of existing shooters and pop culture; there are long sections where it just felt like I was shooting AT-STs from Star Wars with guns from Halo.

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G20WLY575d ago

"felt like I was shooting AT-STs from Star Wars with guns from Halo" and this us a negative how?! Lol

Relientk77575d ago

That sounds frickin awesome

RommyReigns575d ago (Edited 575d ago )

Well this is polygon we're talking about, they hire people to review FPS games like Doom who have no idea how to move the gun!

Kribwalker575d ago

Well polygon doing that appears to have helped this review score as it's higher then the meta for the game @72

skwidd570d ago

Guys! The game is amazing!!! You GOTTA try it! The flat screens dont do VR justice! It looks almost boring but its a completely different experience when you're in it! Way more visceral than even Battlefield to me. Plays on tension a lot rather than action. You have to learn the enemy's movements and shoot in good rhythm. The world is gigantic in scale and distance for VR. Its super polished and my number 1 VR gaming experience recommendation! A must buy for VR owners