Steve Presents: High Quality Duke Nukem Forever Screenshots "As promised--AND we have Steve to thank, for completing all his Duke3D XBLA achievements, then going into the Duke3D XBLA gallery and using his TV tuner card to get us these clear images."

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ape0073434d ago

hail to the king baby

damn that's the second the aliens shot up my ride...

gotta love duke.

Cajun Chicken3434d ago

I can't wait for the release of DNF, I hope Duke stops by for a joke about Serious Sam after all the 'Blondie' gags.
I seriously can't wait for Duke to turn up as a fully fledged franchise again with the PSP/DS game and Forever. We need game characters like this guy.
Also, Grabbag freaking rocks. That's how to make a videogame theme.

N4U3434d ago

highly polygonal scantly dressed women that I see in that pic?

Do venereal diseases transmit through the DS3's vibrator functions? What? Nano-technology makes the impossible become the possible. Haven't you been reading up on the current news?

Anyway, if the answer is no, then this is definitely a first day purchase for me!

peowpeow3434d ago

Duke Nukem BABY!!

pixelsword3433d ago


I'm gonna probably get kicked out of my apartment when I blast the sound of this baby to the freakin' HILT as I play.