SEGA to spend $455.1 million on R&D to develop new IPs and sequels

SEGA promises to resurrect old classic IPs, develop new IPs, and new sequels in key IPs on all sectors--mobile, console and PC--and will spend $455.1 million in games entertainment R&D to achieve this goal.

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gangsta_red192d ago

Damn, somebody at Sega isn't fooling around.

mikeslemonade191d ago

Bayonetta 3 Scorpio exclusive.. I can dream. Or make it PC exclusive.

Cmv38191d ago

And that's why you don't run a video game company.

rainslacker191d ago (Edited 191d ago )

Yeah, no better way to convolute the fan base of this game even more.:)

It'll be the next Kingdom Hearts, where they release the game all over the place, but always exclusive to something.

rocketpanda191d ago

Yes, keep dreaming.

Seeing as how MS threw out a previously unfinished platinum project the chances are zero.

mikeslemonade191d ago

HAHA you guys don't know what's good for you. You want the best possible place for your favorite video game franchise. And the reality is if you don't have the hardware, chances are the game isn't gonna be as good as it should be. You also allowing the developer to be lazy.

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3-4-5191d ago

* Since the 90's Sega has been amazing at creating new IPs....their problem is what they do with those IPs after they are out in the wild. They never seem to know how to further develop those gaming series and just kind of stall out on them.

So knowing they are putting this much money into creating new IPs tells me this.

They, from working recently with Nintendo, realized the value of the first party IPs that Nintendo has and they are trying to replicate that from within Sega.

Then, 10 years from now, they can re-enter the console market and be able to support their own system like Nintendo does with their IPs.

At least that is my thinking with this. I could be wrong.

AznGaara191d ago

A couple million of that better be for obtaining the rights to distribute Bayonetta 2 on other consoles! Then development on a Bayonetta 3 and Vanquish 2. I CAN DREAM!

Godmars290192d ago


About four AAA titles...?

kingdomtriggers191d ago

You'd be surprised how much cheaper Japanese AAA games are on average compared to the west.

Godmars290191d ago

Square, if they can still be considered to be a JP dev, says otherwise. To reckless degree.

Though to be fair, aside from Sonic, don't think Sega went hard in to the AAA craze.

rainslacker191d ago

Most AAA titles can be developed in the $30-50 million range. It's the marketing that tends to bump that up to $100 million.

If Sega keeps it to things that aren't as resource intensive to make, then it could come into the cheaper side. But I imagine some of that money will be spent on more lucrative ventures like mobile or smaller projects, which can return enough profit to make other games. They could also make some mid-tiers in there to round it out. 455 million is a pretty substantial sum to invest though.

Marcello192d ago

Alien Isolation 2 please Sega :)

Venox2008190d ago

And a proper VR patch for PSVR (and other platforms) of first Isolation :) .. but I agree with you aswell

Antnee534192d ago

Make a new console!! Lol I want them to make a switch like console and then we can have Sega vs nintnedo like before. Maybe things will change this time.

Kokyu191d ago

Was thinking the samething it would be awesome to see another Sega console.

ZaWarudo192d ago

I'm still baffled at the amount of money Sega has, buying out companies and stuff.

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The story is too old to be commented.