Lanterns Dreamer : another game for PSP

A new game developped by FOG (Full On Game)and edited by Nippon Ichi Software will be released in 2009.
Lanterns Dreamer will be a Visual Novel mixed with action and adventure, whose target audience is primarily male.
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sinncross3580d ago

Complete wrong dude...
There are so many stellar titles coming for the PSP... its a pity theres so much homebrewing that ppl don actually go buy the software.
What is the point of buying a PSp if you're not gonna support Sony by buying the games and thus helping in the push for a newer better PSP2 etc

Laexerias3580d ago

Oh holy f*ck...

NDS will be demolished, maybe got the bigger fanbase, but the PSP gets the games.

Cardbox Senki
Lantern Dreamer
The 3rd Birthday
Final Fantasy Dissidia
Final Fantasy Agito 13
Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep

And there will be much more when TGS ends.

CrazzyMan3580d ago

it will be a good time to be PSP owner in 2009 and so on. =)