Pro-Clockers: Sapphire Toxic HD 4870 Review

Pro-Clockers writes: "This is definately the time to consider a new video card if you haven't purchased a new one already. The competition is very tight between Nvidia and ATI in the GPU war. You can pick from one of the new lines say the 48xx or GT260/GT280 and you will be able to play your favorite games in the cleaniest of resolutions. You can even step back and grab a model from the last era like the 38xx or 98xx and be able to have success in all your gaming adventures. You just can't go wrong right now. Depending on which you are a fanboy of there is a video card out there right now for you. That whole I will wait to see what comes out next jazz is old.

And for those that want more every manufacturer that puts out a video card will do it in two stages. The first is to release a model on based on the reference design, which is great. And then there is the models that are based on a non-reference model that the real gamers and enthusiants are looking for. The non-ref boards will have aftermarket coolers that will make the card stand out from the others on the shelf at your favorite store. And chances are the non-ref is slightly overclocked for a performance enhancement. Sapphire is one of companies that releases cards under both designs but when it comes to non-reference the Toxic is a big boy."

+Quieter than previous model 4xxx series cards tested
+Pre-overclocked from Sapphire

-Not yet available
-Dual slotted
-I don't have two of them

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