Pro-Clockers: Asrock G43Twins-FullHD Micro AT Review

Pro-Clockers writes: "All the motherboards that I have reviewed as of late have been geared either to overclocking, multi-GPU and gaming. We were so tied up in these solutions that I forgot about the boards that were aimed at small form factor computing, workstations and home theater setups. But with the help of Asrock we are going to be reviewing a board that is small and sure to fit any of the latter solutions I just mentioned.

Asrock's newest micro ATX board is based on the Intel's mainstream P43 chipset. Personally, this is the first small form factor that I have seen with the newer North Bridge. If you are in need of a motherboard that supports all the new Intel processors or in need of a motherboard that can support a large screen display without the use of a dedicated video card then the G43Twins-FullHD maybe up your alley. And to help support that large screen is 352MB of shared goodness."

+Intel P43 chipset
+High Def playback
+DDR2 and DDR3 support
+Various video connections

-Little overclocking ability

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