Who's Winning the Battle for the Hardcore?

Who's winning - or potentially will win - the battle for the 'hardcore' market share? Nintendo is rather clearly running away with the so-called 'casual' market, but that still leaves room for Sony and Microsoft. Sony has managed to squander the biggest market lead in the history of gaming, but that doesn't mean it's easy sailing for Microsoft.

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ape0073551d ago (Edited 3551d ago )

r2,gears2,fable2,lbp,splinter cell convection,ms2,banjo,heavy rain,killzone 2

I mean,have both and enjoy everything gaming has to offer :)

gaming is about enjoying

r2 was done for you

gears was done for you

SAY NO TO FANBOYS(except if you don't have money to buy)

Pebz3550d ago

Say no to fanboyism regardless of how many consoles you own, I'd even say especially if you only own one. Being a fanboy really does no one any favours, not even whatever you're a fanboy of.

Look at it this way: if you are bad at something, no matter how much you make everyone around you seem worse, you'll still be just as bad. You might seem best for a while, but the illusion is very fragile, and when it does eventually shatter, you're even worse off since you wasted all that energy on nothing, instead of getting better.

So what's the point of being "best" if you still suck? And let's face it, all the companies have their fair share of issues.

Imagine for a moment that all the clearly very passionate (or on someone's payroll, in which case: please stop selling your soul) fanboys spent their time and energy on giving honest critique of their preferred brand, and not compared to other brands, but what that brand could be improved to be.

I think it would be better.

CrazzyMan3550d ago

hardcore gamer, is that gamer, which owns all consoles or most of them. =)

kwicksandz3550d ago

Ive often seen it said on this site that the 360 only appeals to the hardcore and now those very same posters seem to have forgotten about it.

the way i see
360 -hardcore gamers
PS3- Hardcore A/V freaks. It supports 7.1 sound and BD for a reason, not entirely game related

SaiyanFury3550d ago

There will be fanboys to love every console no matter which one you love. Sony stole the core fans from the SNES with it's original PlayStation. The core fans were left with a choice. The mainstream consoles wanting a CD based system or the proprietary hardware cartridges offered by Nintendo. Most core gamers, myself included in the mass migration from the SNES went to the PS platform. Ever since Nintendo lost the core Japanese support they decided to go their own route.

Nintendo was angry at Sony over the failed Play Station deal so they refused to adopt the Sony developed CD media and went cartridge instead. This alienated developers. The CD was a cheap, yet high capacity format to use. Therefore the PS was the best platform at the time.

Then Nintendo developed the GameCube. A good platform with a lot of games to it's credit, but still suffered from a lack of third party support and many gamers. Mostly because the GameCube was an ambiguous platform. It had core games, both for Nintendo fans and others, but the console's image had that of appealing to children. The original GameCube that came out was purple. It was also small and used mini-DVDs as it's media format. A format that cost twice as much as a regular DVD and had only half the space. Again, because they didn't want a part of a Sony developed format. Because the GC had mismatched public relations, it didn't sell well. Now that Nintendo has officially targeted the casual gamer, they have the obvious market targeted. They target the casual gamer that traditionally doesn't play games. This is a market that will buy systems because it's trendy. Not because it's a good system.

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Sir_Ken_Kutaragi3550d ago (Edited 3550d ago )

I can't wait to see the xBot Hardcore Lemmings playing with their Baby Toy looking Avatars!!! ;-D

+Everyone Buy a PS3 + WipeOut:HD!!! FUNKING WOW!!! ;-P

+'maurom96' below sounds like he thinks the U.S is all of the World!!! ;-D

PimpHandStrong3551d ago

who cares

all i know is this

Warhawk is hardcore
Socom is hardcore
R2 is hardcore
KZ2 is hardcore
GT5P is hardcore "4me"
Uncharted is hardcore
LBP is hardcore

please continue

ViRaL-3550d ago

MGS4 is THE game for the Hardcore

BaSeBaLlKiD7213550d ago (Edited 3550d ago )

LBP is not a hardcore game, lol but sony indeed does have better hardcore games coming up compared to MS with lips, viva pinata, banji kajoozie(whatever that games called), etc.

tuaamin133550d ago

It's packaged in such a way that anyone can start to play, but only the hardcore players will put in the hours to make the obscenely awesome levels that are challenging and fun. No way a casual would do that.