Xenoblade Chronicles 2 is set to bring the franchise into the limelight on Nintendo Switch

Nintendo has made a lot of very poor decisions with the Xenoblade franchise, but they may just get it right with Xenoblade Chronicles 2. For starters, it’s the first entry of the franchise to be on a fresh new platform, the Nintendo Switch, instead of being part of a system’s death rattle. Nintendo has also been very insistent that Xenoblade Chronicles 2 will be a 2017 release, calling more attention to the franchise than ever before.

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Pookandpie458d ago

I believe what you're feeling is....

Reyn time.

wonderfulmonkeyman458d ago

The music from the opening trailer alone was amazing; if the game matches the music, we're gonna have a system seller on our hands.

_-EDMIX-_458d ago

Like the Wii U right?

I'm sure someone will buy this for Switch, but I see the same folks who might have bought the Wii U for the last one, buy a Switch for this one.

I'd say the big system sellers will still be the ones that historically moved huge units, your Pokemon, Mario, Mario Kart, Animal Crossing etc.

I don't even think the first game moved past 1 million units, could be wrong, might have already happened, but the sales for it where pretty low, like nothing like Nintendo's other heavy hitters.

Fist4achin458d ago

Youre right. It might move a couple of units with the rpg crowd, but nothing like the titles you mentioned.

I do believe the switch will become an rpg powerhouse if the 3ds is almost finished.

sd11458d ago

Sales of the first game suffered due to really unusual business decisions. It was an eb games/ gamestop exclusive and had little exposure. In addition once it sold out they never seemed to restock it. I was never able to buy a copy in store.

wonderfulmonkeyman458d ago

Not like the Wii U, no, since the Switch is not suffering from all the same issues the Wii U did, marketing especially.

sd11458d ago

This was the game that helped ensure i buy a switch. I would also like a port of chronicles and even a 1080p remaster of xenoblade with improved camera controls. But this is my most anticipated switch game.

jznrpg458d ago

Cant wait for this. Actually wanted this more than I did Zelda

DaFeelz458d ago

Hope they pick better in game music. Some of that stuff in XCX, like that country rap song in the main hub, was ear-bleeding bad. The rest of the game was cool. Although, getting a Skell was a bit of a ball breaker...

krontaar458d ago

They have the same people who did the first xenoblade OST back again.

rjason12458d ago

Thank goodness. The music in X wasn't too good, especially the vocals. When big cutscenes with voice acting happen, the voices get drowned out with pointless singing, good thing I turned the subtitles on.

Unoriginalplayer458d ago

I dunno that song kinda grew on me after awhile. Like it was so bad that I came to appreciate it later on haha

PlebeGamer458d ago

The OST grew on me in general, the Kill la Kill esque tyrant theme was more fitting for X than You Will Know Our Names would have been.

OmnislashVer36458d ago

This might be one of the main games to get me to buy a Switch. I'm honestly not impressed with the fact that it's $299 with half the power of an XB1 because of some portability gimmick. But may buy one anyway for the games...

PlebeGamer458d ago

Embrace the portability. it's a real game changer.

Sm3000458d ago

It's official. I just bought one. Zelda looks incredible on it and I have the wiiu version, it looks better on all accounts.
It needs more games and they are coming

CrimsonPheonix458d ago

Your phone and it's dumb portability gimmick

OmnislashVer36458d ago (Edited 458d ago )

Like I game on my phone. Plus I'm not carrying this thing in a carrying case anywhere or sharing a 6 inch screen with half a controller for two-player "on the go". It's definitely a gimmick to me.

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The story is too old to be commented.