5 Xbox One Exclusive Games To Look Forward To

Microsoft has quite a few big plans set for the rest of the year, including these five Xbox One exclusives that are shaping up to be some major contenders as the top games of 2017.

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gangsta_red216d ago

Hopefully we'll see something on Ashen too.

ShottyatLaw215d ago

I'm hoping for a "Summer of Arcade" revival with Ashen, Below, Cuphead, and Tacoma as the lineup.

4Sh0w215d ago (Edited 215d ago )

Yeah, Cuphead just grabs me because it looks so different from most games. I'm really interested to see how it will turn out. Crackdown3 of course is the next big AAA game from Microsoft that I can't wait to play....especially on Scorpio.

XXanderXX215d ago

Wonder if Cuphead & Below long development have changed their deals and support for them .

RAM0N 215d ago

I'm only looking forward for Cuphead.

Razzer215d ago

I'm interested in Crackdown 3. Just hope the single player is strong.

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