TGR: Collector's Editions or Cash-ins?

TGR - "It's not exactly a new trend in gaming to offer the consumer an extra incentive when purchasing software -- Nintendo's 'Club Nintendo' service offering redeemable points for every title they publish is a good example. However, a more recent emergence comes in the form of limited (or collector's) editions. Many games now offer a more prestigious edition, featuring an art book, a collectible model, a shiny box, or any other such oddities. What is it about these extras that make gamers willing to part with more of their hard-earned cash?"

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cain1413702d ago

I've found I'm buying more and more of these collectors editions. I don't even know why really. Just sorta cool collectibles...

Relin3702d ago

I'm no collector, so I never look twice at the more expensive versions. Only time I even consider it is for online games, and only if the gift is more than cosmetic.

NovaUK3702d ago

I've bought a few of these collector's editions, some recently and usually the additions are kind of cool. My favourite ones are definitely the ones with something solid in, like an art-book or a figurine, but making-of DVDs are pretty cool too, giving a good insight into what went into the game.

ihaten4glol3702d ago

Sometimes the additional content you get with a game is the dealbreaker for me. For instant, the Persona 3 limited edition had a nice artbook and a soundtrack. Pretty awesome.

aubradley3702d ago

I normally skip the collector's editions, but I've found myself spending the extra for the Fallout 3 special edition. So from time to time it's worth it.

cain1413702d ago

Yep, that's one of the ones I plan on getting as well...

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