'Mega Man 9' Demo Is Harder Than 'Mega Man 9,' Mostly

MTV Multiplayer's Patrick Klepek writes:

"As Tracey John lamented on Wednesday, "Mega Man 9?'s difficulty might be a reason for people to stay away from the game. A demo, however, is no big deal. A demo is safe.

Or is it?"

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Veronica Belmont3578d ago

The demo was stupidly hard but I hope it doesnt put people off buying the game because its REALLY good.

Marty83703578d ago

It's rubbish, don't waste your cash.

Denocao3578d ago (Edited 3578d ago )

The game is just like the old versions... you can find plenty roms if you google it.

ChickeyCantor3578d ago

*sigh* such waste for a few internet Kb.

Edit: okai its best you remove that link buddy =).

MAiKU3578d ago (Edited 3578d ago )

Either you're just saying that because you're a kid or you just wanna tick people of or maybe vintage gaming is not your thing.

This isn't like any other psn or XBL game, This is a full fledged game provided cheaply.

Considering the game quality and the price it's definitely worth a buy. 8 bosses and then downloadable content afterwords? The game is meant to be as hard as the old ones people, and you can't rom it, at least not fully.

ChickeyCantor3578d ago

You are pretty much promoting illegal downloads.
(yeah the emulators aren't but Roms can be found there too)

ChickeyCantor3578d ago (Edited 3578d ago )

I just played it on the Ps3...-_- damn its indeed hard..
But that wasn't the thing that actually bothered me.
They used bilinear filter, and honestly i was more hoping for that crisp pixel look.

The megaman you see was sharp as hell when you select the Demo icon ( the background changes) and in game is a little blurry....
Meh =(.

Pixels should be pixels >_<. I want Sharp big blocks >_<

Denocao3578d ago

You were right about the link... thanks for the call.

MAiKU3578d ago

Concrete man's stage is NOT hard at all. That was my first stage i passed.

1st elephant, shoot 'em while on the ladder.

2nd elephant, stand really close to the elephant and ball and the ball will jump over you, shoot and then run and jump to not get sucked in or hit by ball.

3rd, just jump over ball shoot and run, and jump when ball is returning, repeat till it dies.

ChickeyCantor3578d ago

Don't you seee? being spoiled by easy games over the last years not all of us still have the power to play megaman as we used to =(...
I was tired though xD ill give it a nother shot tomorrow xD

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