Wii U vs PSV | VGChartz Gap Charts | March 2017 Update

In the latest month the Wii U fell behind the PlayStation Vita by another 71,109 units. In the last 12 months the gap has increased by 630,160 units in favor of the PlayStation Vita. The PlayStation Vita currently leads by 1.59 million units

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PhoenixUp342d ago

This is a battle people thought Wii U would win. Guess they were wrong

ABizzel1342d ago

It's over Vita wins by default since Wii U isn't in production anymore.

Protagonist340d ago

Great games still heading for the Vita in 2017. Shows the importance of third party games.

DeathtoOtakuDJ338d ago

True. Very grateful for XSeed, Atlus, NISA, etc.