Team ICO given special Visual Arts award at CEDEC 2008

At this year's CEDEC (CESA Developers Conference), on behalf of the entire team, Fumito Ueda, Junichi Hosono and Hajime Sugiyama were presented with a special award for Visual Arts for their contribution to the video game industry.

ICO won the award, surpassing other better-known titles like Final Fantasy, Gran Turismo and Metal Gear Solid. The game was praised for its atmosphere and presentation of contrasting light and shadow. Ueda had a few lines ready for the occasion:

"Thank you for this award. When we started working on ICO ten years ago, we faced many challenges because we wanted to create something which did not exist. We are now facing a similar challenge with our new project. Please wait a little more, we are sure you'll like it very much. Thank you again."

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HadeShade3523d ago

I can only imagine what team ICO can do with the PS3. Im dying to find out.

gaffyh3523d ago

They definitely deserve this award, Ico is one of the most underrated titles ever, even most people who have played SotC haven't played Ico (which is the better game IMO, but both are awesome).

El_Colombiano3523d ago

Team ICO brought me the best PS2 game I have ever played, I know they will do the same for my PS3.

fishd3523d ago

Yeah so true,ICO was in production for about 4 years and sold about 650k WW which is a disaster,but thnaks god Sony supported TEAM ICO and didn't drop them

mfwahwah3523d ago


Sony understands how good Team ICO is and wants us gamers to be happy :P

Panthers3523d ago

I might get Ico and SoTC soon. I know they need to be played.

Sitdown3523d ago

Do you mean overlooked instead of "underrated". Cause the game got great scores, it was just not put on people's radars.

Bonsai12143523d ago

the windmill segment has no equal in terms of presentation and wow-factor.

gaffyh3522d ago

@1.6 - yeah that's what I mean.

kittoo3522d ago

There is a reason why Sony has so many first party studios and none of them leaves (unlike Bungie) or gets closed. Sony gives time and puts faith in them, thats why they make great games most of the time cause their vision is not hampered by corporate decisions.

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NoAchillesHeel3523d ago

I can't wait for their new title. It's going to be the most epic game to date.

R_19933523d ago

Wait, Im not sure what games these guys are 'specialised' in but from what Ive heard that these guys are somewhere legendary. Someone help me out here.

fishd3523d ago

They are the guys behind 2 timeless classics ICO and SHADOW OF THE COLOSSUS,if you haven't try them I recommend you to give them a try,if you want from games something more than just fun,you'll found yourself in the heaven!

R_19933523d ago

Thanks, I'll check these out. Bubbles up.

tocrazed4you3523d ago

Note after you click on the link they say wait a LITTLE more. TGS is here soon hehe

mfwahwah3522d ago

That "more" is what scares me...

tocrazed4you3523d ago

wait a LITTLE MORE TGS here we go

Rock Bottom3523d ago

I think it's too early to show the game, since they haven't reached critical development yet.

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