Dr. Mom Reviews - Grand Theft Auto 4

Dr. Mom Reviews is a bi-weekly segment where Dr. Jacqueline Karsemeyer gives her opinions on games that her son has walked her through playing. Dr. Karsemeyer has a PhD in education and has been both a classroom teacher and an educational consultant.

this week she looks at Grand Theft Auto 4

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Asurastrike3362d ago

I feel bad for anyone with parents this out of touch.

sam22363362d ago (Edited 3362d ago )

"I took Niko outside for a stroll, and in the process discovered the “jump” button. This was the first move that really excited me. I could make Niko jump for joy! He could enjoy the uplifting experience of raising his arms without smashing someone’s face in!"


I feel sorry for that chick's son, I really do.

pushingplay3362d ago

the whole point is to have someone who knows nothing about gaming... so that we can get opinions that are not the same recycled views about graphics and weapon selection.

you'll understand when your older than 14 and stop thinking its cool to hate your parents for their 'out of touch'ness

Asurastrike3361d ago

I'm 18, and my parents are nothing like this.

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