Borderlands Blend - Day 4: When Diablo III Meets Halo 3

Blend games writes: "It looks like we're coming close to the end of our Borderlands Blend, but not before we discuss some very important aspects about the adventuring and travel. And if there's one thing we know about Borderlands, it's that Gearbox has modeled the adventuring and questing after the likes of Diablo and the shooting after Halo. So you can pretty much bet that a lot of questing in Borderlands will render loot-runs and adventuring much like Diablo III.

Now you've all been finely informed about the half-million weapons featured in the game, as well as the playable characters and the vehicles. But what you may not have known is that there over 600,000 items in the game as well. Yes, 600,000 items. I had to repeat that just in case someone thought I was saying 600 with a lot of extra zeroes. The real kicker is that these items are just as diverse and unique as the weapon randomization module. As it was mentioned in Day 1's news, the more important the item the rarer it will be and, in turn, the harder it will be to find. Hence, this prompts players to go on great-fantastic explorations throughout the fictional world of Pandora."

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