Blend Games: Far Cry 2 Vs. Call Of Duty: World At War: Round 2

Blend Games writes: "Far Cry 2 Vs. Call Of Duty: World At War: Round 2 It's that time of the week again to throw down the gauntlets and let the brawl-fests begin. After a disappointing loss for Call of Duty: WaW last week in the First Round of this bout between these two shooters, I'm sure there will be some payback for the Treyarch poster-child, because it's a tough game with a big following. So keep reading to find out how Round 2 will go down here at Blend Games.

Last week it was a battle between shootouts. This week it's a battle between gameplay features. There's nothing fancy that needs to happen here other than a list of what you will get in one game over another. As always, there's no sense in wasting words. So let's get this round rocking."

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