DarkZero: FaceBreaker Review

Back in the late '90s / early '00s DarkZero really used to hate EA. Everything they released seemed to be focused on making as much money as possible, without any thought for the consumer. However, over the past few years they really started to think better of them, with many of their latest offerings been some of the best genres had to offer. Now, they know one game should not ruin all the work they put in, but FaceBreaker comes so, so close. It's just a really bad game, in places unapologetically bad. If you are at all interested in some cerebral fisticuffs action then just wait until Fight Night Round 4 sometime next year.

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N4U3578d ago

this game is so irrelevant.

N4U3578d ago

I post in both zones of the review of MIPS3GoTY.

Most. Irrelevant. PS3. Game. of. The. Year.

...oh, I forgot to add: "IMO".

Can't let people think that I'm stating it as a fact. They might think that I am God and start worshiping me, saying things like: "ohhh, look at this guy. He's speaking as though it is a fact when things of such nature are entirely subjective. He must be really important...oh I bet I know why. You wanna know why? I bet he's God. No, like THEE God."

N4U3578d ago

I should go for the most posts on an irrelevant topic record. Do you think Guinness holds such a record?

N4U3578d ago

I might just have to talk to myself...or is it "type" to myself?

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The story is too old to be commented.