Games That Changed Our Lives: ‘Resident Evil 4’

Packed to the brim with a mixture of excitement, terror, puzzles and humour, Leon's now twelve year old outing is not just Resident Evil's finest achievement, but one of gaming's finest achievements.

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justsomeoffdude306d ago

one of the best games i ever played.. "Krauser, go get ze girl"

shaun mcwayne306d ago

I got an import copy of rez 4 very early on the gamecube and I remember how good the game looked, I thought if it looks this good the game must be short, I was wrong the game felt huge too. Agreed one of the best gaming experiences from that time.

shinoff2183306d ago

This was the exact moment I realized that the resident evil franchise was dead. Prior to this game it was one of my favorite series. RIP RE