Dark Souls taught me to enjoy piecing stories together

Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain and Final Fantasy XV featured some of the best stories in video games, and James thoroughly enjoyed them. However, when he speaks of how great their stories are to others, they act as if these games had some of the worst stories in their respective franchises. This phenomenon had him stumped until recently, when he realized why he found the stories of games like these to be so appealing: Dark Souls had conditioned him to piece stories together in order to see the grand picture.

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TheOptimist374d ago

I'd suggest you play Nier Automata as well then.....

PlebeGamer374d ago

If it weren't for Breath of the Wild, Nier Automata would be my lock for GotY.

TheOptimist374d ago

It still is my GOTY of 2017.... Regardless of BOTW.

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Silkside374d ago

Bs, the game would have been way better with a coherent story.

Don't give me the less is more bs, imagine a deep story line to go along with the immaculate gameplay.

LoveSpuds374d ago

I can appreciate what you are saying but for me, it was the fact that you have to invest so much effort to get the most out of the story that drove me to explore every nook and cranny, to analyse every piece of dialog and item description....I just found that story telling so different and interesting.

I love the different interpretations you come across in the community.

Rangerman1208374d ago (Edited 374d ago )

"Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain and Final Fantasy XV featured some of the best stories in video games" Final Fantasy 15's story felt bland and confusing for the most parts and and the only way to understand the story is to watch the anime, watch the movie and maybe play those short dlc episodes. In other words, it felt rushed on purpose, or just felt as if you were watching/playing a sequel without even seeing the first. Personally, Final Fantasy 6 and 9 has the best stories.

And as for MGS 5? Wasn't the story criticized for being almost nonexistent? I know most MGS games' stories were at times nonsensical or ridiculous but personally, MGS3 and 4 had a fantasic story, and seeing that MGS5 focused too much on gameplay and an uneccesary open world than on the story disappointed me a lot.

LoveSpuds374d ago (Edited 374d ago )

I was just about to post the exact same thing, of all the titles ought there with great stories it's odd that the author chose those two. In particular, FF15, I didn't know what was going on half the time and the other half I didn't care. I don't think it was a case of the story being somehow obfuscated like the Souls games, it was that the stories were simply weak and the lore uninteresting in FF15.

I do however, agree with the sentiment in the article, the way the lore of the world you are playing in is delivered in the Souls and Bloodborne games really does add to the mystery and magic of the games.

PlebeGamer374d ago

The point of the article is that those stories require the conditioning acquired from Dark Souls to piece them together, and once they are pieced together, they are good stories. The article even points out that FFXV is a disjointed mess, and the need to piece the story together isn't by design, but poor story telling.

The article is saying those two games have two great stories that were told like a busted mess, and they're saved because the author learned to like piecing broken stories together through years of Dark Souls conditioning.

LoveSpuds374d ago


I know what the point of this piece was, I read it too. My point is, the story in FF5 was not there in any capacity, I personally don't believe that the story was hidden and there if you looked hard enough. Just my personal experience though squire, I guess the writer of the article is better at picking out obfuscated story beats than I am.

PlebeGamer374d ago


Many people were confused about the plot, so that alone tells me there was some puzzling out that had to be done for it.

The story itself is pretty straightforward. Without giving outright spoilers: The villain has a clear cut and downright reasonable motivation. The oracle and the king were the ones that loved Noctis the most, and they had to live with the secret of his destiny, and when you think it through the revelations are soul crushing man. The game also has the has the most original ending to a Final Fantasy ever.

Do all of the story elements stick the landing? No, but it's a great work overall and it's timeless.

Not to mention the characters are the most human I've seen in a video game period. Yes they dress like some jersey dbags, but they're good people that you want to cheer for. Noctis even manages to buck the trope-y stereotypes you'd expect from his character design. He's not an uppity prince, he's not perfect, and he's not an edge lord, emo bishounen. Noctis is just a nice guy that hates mornings and really, really likes fishing, that just happens to be a king with a hard ass destiny to live up to.

showtimefolks374d ago (Edited 374d ago )


Mgs 5 had the weakest story hidden behind cassette tapes and like you said FF 15 story is hidden behind animated movies and game director himself admitted they rushed some areas

I don't like stories where you have to find hidden items to find the whole story because that becomes a chore