Minecraft for Nintendo Switch the Best Version - Time

It's another great reason to get a Switch

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ChronoJoe459d ago

Oh stop it. They gave it a high score because it's on the Switch, which makes it the best portable version, and deliberately skirted around the fact that it's missing various features, like private servers, mods, voice chat with friends, etc.

If portability makes the best version of minecraft then the PC version played on a laptop is the best version of Minecraft. This, is little better than the Vita version of the game. It's fine, but hardly the 'best version'.

EddieNX 459d ago

It squashes the Vita version in every way tbf which is 540p 25 fps with much less blocks and smaller levels. I know its hard to accept that the Switch is excellent but it just is lol.... If u already own it on console or PC then skip this version. Otherwise Switch makes the case for being most convenient version

KwietStorm459d ago

So exactly like he said, it's [apparently] the best version because it's the Switch version.

Rimeskeem459d ago

Why bring up the Vita troll.

BiggerBoss459d ago

So it's not the best. Just the most convenient?

_-EDMIX-_459d ago

? Really? I thought the switch version came what some of those features already?

If that's the case it sounds like the PC version is always going to be the default best version.

Neonridr459d ago

I would take Minecraft on my Switch over my PS4. I don't have to sit in front of my TV to enjoy it.

Yeah, taking out my laptop on the bus/subway would be super ideal.. smh

WeAreLegion459d ago

1. You can play the PS4 version on Vita.

2. Laptops are just as portable as the Switch. Neither fits in a pocket.

Concertoine459d ago


Not backing the author's assertion but no, a laptop is absolutely not as portable as the switch.

You'd either need to use the trackpad or bring a bluetooth controller, and have a place to set it down (or burn the shit out of your lap).

There's a reason you dont see many people with gaming laptops, especially in public.

Lockdown555459d ago

Seriously, lol. People comparing the Switches portability to a laptop is just laughable.

Prince_TFK459d ago

Laptop are as portable as the Switch? I had seen many delusional comments here on N4G but this just took it to a new height.

Neonridr459d ago

@Legion - first off, you need to buy a $200 accessory to do that first. Secondly, are you pairing your Vita to your phone first before you try to remotely connect to your PS4 at home? Love to see how that works out.

And I almost spat out my coffee when you told me that a laptop is just as portable as a Switch.

UnHoly_One458d ago (Edited 458d ago )

My Xbox One is almost as portable as a Switch, too.

I just need a trailer for my 75" TV and a generator to power everything.

Other than that, it's nearly identical.

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bacrec1459d ago

The salt on this website man lol

FinalomegaS458d ago

you would think over the years they would get more civil...

just keeps getting worst...

Cobra951459d ago

No console version can be modded or use private servers. The voice chat is the one negative. On the plus side, it can be played on the go (or on a TV).

Lockdown555459d ago

Exactly. I think the PC version still has a lot of advantages that consoles don't but once voice chat hits this fall the Switch version will truly be the best console version.

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kevnb459d ago (Edited 459d ago )

They never mention world of Warcraft as one of the best selling games, they had 14 million subscribed at once and still have millions subscribeb to this day. They must have outsold Minecraft easily.

ElementX459d ago

I really doubt WoW has outsold Minecraft. Just on the systems I've owned I bought MC on 360, PS3, PS4?, Xbox One, my android phone, I bought a copy for my mom's iPad, and I have the original PC and Win 10 editions.

bow2yoda459d ago

wow is in the millions... minecraft is in the billions.

kevnb459d ago

Minecraft is nowhere near billions sold...

BiggerBoss459d ago

Lol if you think Minecraft sold billions I think you need to get a brain and think about how many people are on this earth.

bow2yoda457d ago

first and foremost... i was not talking copys of the game as much as i was referring to the amount of money that the ip has brought in... eg game sales... spin off sales.... merch.... upcoming movie possibility. wow will never ever come close. now little boss... use your brain.

Yohshida459d ago

Minecraft is on track to be the best selling game of all time

inStereo458d ago (Edited 458d ago )

From Wikipedia's entry on Minecraft: "As of February 2017, over 121 million copies have been sold across all platforms, making it the second best-selling video game of all time, only behind the various releases of Tetris."

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LordofYogurt459d ago

You Switch haters really piss me off.

Patriot4Life459d ago

I remember when MS bought MineCraft for $2 Billion and people were laughing...MS has made that $2 Billion back in two years and is now swimming in money.

akurtz459d ago

you have no clue why people were laughing

Patriot4Life459d ago (Edited 459d ago )

Actually I do...jealous PS loyalist who hate everything MS.

They were saying that this was a stupid move and MS paid too much - in the end it was a smart move since PC,PS4, Switch, DS, Apple, Android and Vita users love the game.

_-EDMIX-_459d ago (Edited 459d ago )

? Lol

I don't think anybody was really doubting or questioning if they would make that money back Minecraft as an actual brand itself is extremely popular with a crap load of merchandise and cross media

The possibility of Microsoft also continuing to sell it on multiple platforms also boosted they're likeliness of them making that money back.

If anything if your beef is with those people that specifically made those statements actually reply to them specifically.

yomfweeee458d ago

They paid $2.5 billion and it is doubtful they have made that back already.

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sampson3121459d ago

keep sucking them Nintendo balls lol

awdevoftw459d ago

Lol. I never understood the appeal of Minecraft. If you like it, enjoy!

Patriot4Life459d ago

Same could be said about games like Street Fighter, Halo and God of War...people have different taste and believe it or not some people actually enjoy MineCraft a lot.

_-EDMIX-_459d ago

No I actually completely 100% disagree with that notion.

The idea of games like Street Fighter and Halo are very much static Concepts they are ideas that are easy to understand because they are basic genre of fighting or first person shooting what have you.

When Minecraft first released I would say it's only comparison with something like a little big planet other than that it was very difficult to really convey the very "it" factor of the game itself simply because it was pioneering something.

Most games that literally create or absolutely revolutionize a jonra are very difficult to explain and very difficult to get an initial impression on only because they are sort of the first there for gamers have a more difficult time understanding what the fun Factor might be.

Today something like no man sky or Terraria are easier to explain to Gamers because they already understand Minecraft so anything else within that sort of play share create genre is easily understood because of games like Minecraft and LittleBigPlanet.

I mean consider Mario Maker was not this big? To Gamers we all sort of understood what it was rather quickly simply because it was within the genre that was existing.

Mind you I'm not disagreeing with you because people could have different taste (moot) I'm actually disagreeing with you because people are not really going to understand the initial concept of Minecraft based on it pioneering something whereas the games you've explained our old established franchises easily recognizable in their genres are easily instantly recognizable.

Very quickly you kind of understand the fun factor of a street fighter or Halo or even a God of War.

Mind you the argument is not that people have different taste, I'm pretty damn positive he understands that, it's simply him questioning the appeal of the property which in my opinion is 100% Justified considering what it pioneered for the industry.

Mind you I like Minecraft and I understand why people like it amongst other games, but I also very much understand Gamers not really fully understanding it.

_-EDMIX-_459d ago

I absolutely love the concept of Minecraft but it's difficult for me to get in at my age I literally feel like I would have absolutely loved Minecraft if it was introduced to me maybe 15 years ago.

You could build whatever you want like Legos in play on a bunch of servers with friends having your own little adventures.

Though it's difficult for me to get into it I definitely fully 100% understand its appeal.

I mean me at 15 years old probably would have easily put 500 Plus hours in something like Minecraft.

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