Crysis Warhead To Come With SecuROM… On Steam?

John from NegativeGamer writes:

"Yes, you heard it right, EA have bundled the ever-loved SecuROM DRM with Crysis Warhead for the Steam release, seemingly unaware that Steam already acts as its own DRM."

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jay23583d ago

Considering it's already been hacked, who cares?

wardrox3583d ago

People who want to buy the game legally.

iistuii3583d ago

when you can put it on 5 peoples pc's and share the cost cause you dont need the dvd in drive.

kevanio093583d ago

Means i can buy a game legally, then put it on more than one computer, for example split the cost in three. Nobody needs the disk except for install. If you need more installs just call EA and they reset the count. Brilliant. I don't know why people complain.