AFRIKA coming to Europe in 2009

Play3-live reports that the information has fallen this morning at the Photokina photography fair in Cologne (Germany). Sony Cameras, present on site, have run an english trailer of the PS3 exclusive photography and safari simulation video game AFRIKA. Intrigued, journalists asked Sony why was the game shown at such a fair, and not a gaming convention. Sony Cameras replied that first of all, AFRIKA is a photography game, and second of all because the game will hit Europe in 2009.

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Cajun Chicken3435d ago (Edited 3435d ago )

Pretty good. Hope all Japan's releases slowly come over here.

EDIT: Yes, I do realise that all PS3 games are multiregion as are Blu-Ray...but I don't know Japanese.

LarVanian3435d ago

I agree Cajun. It would be great if WKC came to Europe and NA in January. It would be a great way to start off the new year.
Afrika seems like a nice relaxing game to sit down and play after a stressful day.

Raoh3435d ago

this is good news cause an american release cant be too far behind...

i always assumed and hope i'm right that since sony and national geographic are partnered in this that maybe they are planning for a larger U.S. release, even an updated version of the game.

i can at least dream right?


as far as more japanese games making it to the U.S.

i completely agree.. sony really should insist on american localization for most japanese game or create an in house studio for the main purpose of localization and porting. not only would it help speed up localization but it would be nicer if SONY could handle ports. instead of EA porting orange box, a sony in house team would have been better.

TomMcBaum3434d ago

Can't wait to get it in English.

mfwahwah3434d ago

Great news. I may have to import if it doesn't make it to NA, but at least I'll be able to understand the game.