Amazon Digital Blowout Sale On PS4/PS3/PSV: Up To 88% Off

Game boxes are big. Okay, so not really. When you consider the size of one box, it's quite small; they add up to a lot of space quickly, though. So now that my shelves are just about stocked, I enjoy buying digital. It saves space and saves my energy. Amazon occasionally has digital sales; right now, they're offering digital sales for select PS4, PS3 and PS Vita games.

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ApexWolf22461d ago

I see the Division has been getting a few sales lately, it's 50% off the season pass.

nX461d ago

Doesn't make the game any better though.

Takwin461d ago

Amazon and Humble are both having great sales right now, and the Steam Summer Sale is coming in a month or so.

461d ago
WeAreLegion461d ago

Stop making these articles. Amazon price matches the PSN and XBL sales every single week. That's what this is. It's not a "blowout". It's price matching.