Microsoft's Bag of Goodies: New IPs, Slim Xbox 360?

GG writes-"Microsoft's planning to reveal a whole bunch of goodies for Xbox 360 loyalists. Here is a brief lowdown on the stuff that Microsoft is planning to reveal by the end of 2008 and early 2009.Microsoft Game Studios: They have at least three new IP's in development (barring Halo) and new developers working on these projects. "

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reincarnated3435d ago

ill only buy a 360 if they fix the rrod, if they dont ill just stick to my lovley ps3!=]

Panthers3435d ago

There are a lot of good games on the 360, but after 08, I dont think we will see much more unless they have some awesome announcement soon. PS3 still has a long list of games coming.

Crazywhitie3435d ago

The RROD has been fixed for awhile now..

Bnet3433435d ago

I think the RROD got fixed already. My new 360 already lasted more then a year of constant play. I'm sure it's pretty safe to buy one right now, just keep it well ventilated.

Bnet3433435d ago

We're still in 2008, and I don' think anyone expects big games in Q1 2009 because you'll be too busy playing all the kick ass games of Q4 2008. 2009 will have it's share of games. Forza 3? A real Banjo sequel? New halo games? A new dead or alive game? Dead Rising 2? Don't forget Resident Evil 5, 2009 GOTY!! :D

3435d ago
Kratos Spartan3435d ago

Does Best Buy still have that warranty, you know, just in case? I want a 360. $199 and all those games is just too good to pass up.

meepmoopmeep3435d ago

BestBuy has extended warranties for everything, even socks

Kratos Spartan3435d ago

thanx for shoving it in my face:-D

"even socks" Hilarious. Bubbles

Strikepackage Bravo3435d ago (Edited 3435d ago )

Best Buy now simply exchanges all bad 360s for new ones from MS, this goes for RROD and any other issue. (IF you have a service plan)

100003435d ago

Halo halo halo...a better halo...please dont ruin the franchise...

edhe3435d ago

Of course there are plenty games still coming for the ps3, they've been coming since 2005 and not arrived yet.

You don't know about the 360's plans for 2009 because MS focus on the immediate future of releases, not wishful desires years away.

(Alan Wake being the exception)

I just want to know when they release a slim how the hdd will work.

power of Green 3435d ago

#1, That comment reminds of some bitter fanboy I use to know.

PANTHERS always jumps the gun with a child-like malice before even doing a smidge of research before opening his mouth assuming he is ignorant of the facts, he may be pushing that bullshit on purpose and knows better.

Xelai3434d ago

Pf course there are more titles coming to the 360, each year Microsoft announces new titles, the difference is in the way Sony and MS do marketing. Sony likes announcing games with loads of time, to begin hype years before. MS focuses on the immediate release schedule, every year is the same story, MS does not have anything for the next year, and suddenly Gears 2 and Banjo out of the blue.

They are in the videogame business, obviously they have more games coming, just different way of doing the announcements.

Come on guys, just relax a bit!

DJ3434d ago

And it's totally off. "Microsoft only announces games within the same calendar year of their release. Right? Right?"


Hell, we're still waiting for Halo Wars, Killer Instinct, Alan Wake, Splinter Cell. But not much else. The reason they've only announced a few exclusive titles a year is because they only have a few exclusive titles. They secured a lot of timed-exclusivity deals with third party developers early on, but most of those titles/franchises are now showing up on PS3 as well.

Microsoft simply doesn't have enough exclusive titles to announce. Most of their titles are also on PC and PS3.

darkdoom30003434d ago

RROD hasnt been fixed, but it has been improved. last time i heard they decreased the RROD rate to 10%-17% its def a lot better than 33%

ShinMaster3434d ago

No it didn't.

The new "Falcon" chips didn't do shyte. Multiple Xbox 360s still died of RRODs. You were just lucky.

And man, if all 360 is getting in the future is more Halo games, count me out.
Banjo? please.

maggotmx3434d ago

im just waiting for free online man, seriously paying to play just does not go well to me I mean i already payd for the gawdamn game. thas y i hate mmos too. =) imo tho dont hate cuz sum ppl have money comin out their a$$

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Nice3435d ago

That they have more than Halo in development...

Omega43435d ago

If MS announce a 360 slim right before xmas there will be utter chaos!!

It looks like 2009 will also be the year of the 360, launching a year earlier has certainly been a HUGE advantage for MS

Kratos Spartan3435d ago

You think there will chaos this Xmas?

"Wait'll they get a load of me"

Bubbles for anyone who can tell what movie that line came from!


Stryfeno23435d ago

Batman, The Joker (Jack Nicholson) said it.

Cajun Chicken3435d ago

You mean chaos in the way that everyone who bought a 360 since the price drops will be offended that they bought a lesser version once the slim is released?

MazzingerZ3435d ago

MSFT can save a lot of bucks by re-launching the CURRENT model under the name SLIM-X360....they just need to get rid of the power brick.

LoydX-mas3435d ago

Even if they could "slim" the 360, how could they slim the HDD?

MS would have to completely redesign the HDD so it could be as slim.

The only major upgrade that I see happening is using the new Jasper board to reduce the power consumption and then integrate the power brick into one box.

NanoGeekTech3435d ago (Edited 3435d ago )

What does MS have cooking for 2009?................

I really do not understand why Microsoft is not stirring the make waves in 09..."A summer blockbuster usually get hype or press a full year before its released"

I cannot think of one game that I know for sure that is coming in 2009 for Xbox360 that has my interest....not one..???

Now my Sony PS3...I can think of an endless sea...of entertainment....and HD digital applications..coming out in the near future and further down the road..that has me happy to be a PS3 owner..

Microsoft big guns are all coming out this year...Fable II, GOW II and Fallout III...why give Sony more momentum into the new year?

The price cut is OK..but your still spending as much as a PS3 if you want the full 360 LIVE experience....

I so believe that MS will debut the Xbox360/Next/720/?.....very..v ery soon...many people are saying why or how....its been 5 years....and Microsoft needs their PS2(Xbox360)....MS wants or needs to have what Nintendo and Sony has.

Sony has the PS3 and Sony PS2 which they are still supporting....and the PSP..

Nintendo had the longer being supported to my knowledge...Nintendo DS cash cow...Gameboy...and the All Mighty Cash Printing... phenomenal Wii..

Microsoft has only...the Xbox360..they pissed on a few people by the discontinuation of the Xbox...they have no HeadHeld(the Zune do not count)....So why not bring out the Xbox720/Next/?..while the Xbox360 is currently printing money by now(lower production cost and LIVE memberships $49.99 X a few million people= CREAM)

So I think and believe we will start to see more concrete information next year regarding the next Xbox360/720/?......and hints of an arrival.

The video game business is about building hype so your stuff can sell....Microsoft did a great job with Halo..GOW I&II, Fable II...Fallout III..etc...but what about next year..............Why do I have this empty feeling about my 360 in 09.......

CrazzyMan3435d ago

you will need a lot of it..

p.s. this year is the last, when x360 had any chace to effect on ps3 sales.

aiphanes3435d ago

And do not forget Final Fantasy will be on the PS3 first in Japan...people can always import...The Xbox 360 version is a long ways off...

N4Flamers3434d ago

but here I go defending the 360 in a 360 thread again.

@nanogeek wtf is a headheld, I want one of those systems. You have an empty feeling because your a sony fanboy. I mean do you really think theyre not gonna come out with any games. Freaking idiot, just like this year no one saw Gears2 coming next thing you know its almost here. Personaly I buy games I can play, I dont sit around wishing for games to be here. They have been hinting towards another halo game, halo wars is comming out, and ninja blade what ever the hell that is, and huxley.

Im actually looking forward to multiplat games like RE5, and darksiders (love joe mad)

last thing gow3 game of the year, I can see that infamous not so much it's akin to prototype. To each his own.

Firstkn1ghT3434d ago

Love how sony fans are worried about the 360's 2009 gaming library. I'm sure not. With all the great games coming out in 2008 for the 360 I'll probably definitely be playing them way into 2009.

RememberThe3573434d ago

Just because they are a "Sony fan" doesn't mean they don't have a 360, For instance myself. I want to see the PS3 do well because I want to see more PlayStations in the future. Honestly I don't really care if there is another Xbox. Feel like Sony has been good to gamers and they have a fantastic track record of supporting their hardware. MS screwed early adopters(their core gamers) so that they could get an early start. I thank MS for what they did with online play but I personally don't care if they come out with a new console. If they do, and the hardware is reliable I'd consider picking one up eventually, but I probably wouldn't be too enthusiastic. Call me a fanboy or what ever this weeks word is, but a new console for MS would not blow my socks off.

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MaximusPrime3435d ago

it needs biggest noisiest fan to keep the heat down and possibly eliminate the RRoD

Pain3435d ago

so making it slim is no surprise.

lol waits for ~Mini RROd

GiantEnemyLobster3434d ago

Continuing to dominate the playstation 3 in the console race. Sorry Sony, your fail is in another castle go away!

Kratos Spartan3435d ago

Dang that was quick. Bubbles for you sir.

Stryfeno23435d ago

I'm a big Batman fanatic.

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