Why Crysis Is Still One of the Greatest First-Person Shooters Ever Created

Gameumentary: There’s a moment in the beginning of the original Crysis which perfectly encapsulates the type of experience you’re in for. It’s the moment when you receive your orders to disable a jamming system, which is located on a beach below the hillside you’re on. When you reach the crest, you’re confronted with a beautiful view of the beach, as well as more of the island further down. KPA soldiers mill in the buildings below while boats patrol offshore. The sun rises while Inon Zur’s “First Light” from the soundtrack plays.

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LordoftheCritics521d ago (Edited 521d ago )

If people read the original reviews they will notice how the game was praised in almost every department.

Sadly people today think its only the graphics.

Yes the tech they made was amazing but they did use the tech creatively.

The suit powers, map design, enemies, the story and its pretty cool surprises. The infamous Zero -G level. The frozen world aftermath. The epic boss battles. The high octane epic ending.

I played almost every AAA game that came out since 1999 and let me tell you Crysis 1 is one of the best shooters and a big game changer. This game was competing with the best in its time . Shooters of that year were Bioshock, The Orange Box (don't even have to mention this), COD 4, Halo 3. In fact that entire year had the best games ever released in a single year according to me.

2007 game launches. Nothing like this might ever happen in my lifetime.

Among them Crysis still stood on its own feet that year. Kudos

Knushwood Butt521d ago

Why no mention of the hugely overpowered melee move, that renders gun play pointless?

LordoftheCritics521d ago

It cost a huge amount of suit energy.

It was not really OP.

Knushwood Butt520d ago

Well, I beat the PS3 port by relying on that move.

You could pretty easily set up one on one situations and just melee the enemy.

Deep-throat520d ago

One of the best shooters of all time. It looks very good to this day.

kevnb520d ago

Played this game well over 100 hours, there still isn't anything with that level of physics and sandbox style levels.

Fist4achin520d ago

It was one of the best games and still holds up well. I'm concerned because didn't Crytek run into some major issues with bankruptcy or some major reason and had to close their doors?!

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