Modder adds Sonic to the squad of Mario Kart 8

A modder has already made a mod for Sonic the Hedgehog to appear in Mario Kart 8.

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gangsta_red463d ago

As he should be added.

In fact Sega and Nintendo need to team up and make a Sonic All Star X Mario Kart and make it the end all be all of kart racing! I'd run out and buy three Switches if that happened.

ifrit_caress463d ago

And why stop with Sonic, how about the lady from Golden Axe? Or even... I can't think of another SEGA character at the moment...

ifrit_caress463d ago

Adding a SEGA character to a Nintendo game... Surely that should pose a problem with copyright.

ifrit_caress463d ago

Don't that game have Nintendo characters?

463d ago