Second Opinion: Your Persona 4 Waifus Are Trash (And So Is The Game)

On this week's episode of Second Opinion, Anthony Spivey explains why Persona 4's terrible story hinders its excellent gameplay.

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Razzer580d ago

The story isn't my favorite, but it is far from terrible.

And sorry, but this guy writes like some self-absorbed jerk.

jznrpg580d ago

I liked the story /shrug

drunkenspy007580d ago

So, N4G accepts troll articles now? Not sure why someone would go to this trouble.

JMPetrequin580d ago

Actually take a look at the content you're commenting on, and you just might find out! :D

drunkenspy007577d ago

I'd prefer not to engage in acts of futility nor waste my time with trash.

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The story is too old to be commented.