Pocket-Lint: Philips HTS6515 home cinema system Review

Pocket-Lint Writes:

"Overall, however, we were mighty impressed with the performance of the HTS6515. The cabling does mean that it can appear as though you are trailing a lot of wire around, but with some thought it works very well. Slightly unconventional connections surprise, but with those cables supplied it doesn't pose a problem. Credit also to Philips for supplying both the wall-mounting brackets and the FM antenna for a complete solution out of the box: it's just a shame they didn't stretch to the HDMI cable."

"The claims of 5.1 performance might be a little overstated, but there is no doubting that the system sounds pretty good and has a stunning design. With plenty of connection options, the HTS6515 is sure to please those looking to add some clout to their movie watching, whilst avoiding the fuss and clutter of a 5.1 set-up."

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