Microsoft will announce marketing agreement for a new AAA title at E3 2017?

According to the insider Shinobi602, at E3 in Los Angeles Microsoft is expected to unveil a new partnership for a large and important unannounced Triple A game that could be just presented at the American event.

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DeadSilence580d ago

Yup still no exclusives, bad sales and dead brand outside US.

Lennoxb63580d ago

For such an undesirable product, you sure talk about it a lot.

JasonKCK580d ago

It's obvious fear with the amount of time they spend talking about it.

naruga579d ago (Edited 579d ago )

@Lennox s a gaming forum/site ...that is its main purpose to comment and talk for whatever we want related to gaming .............also about the news --->a new AAA title will be announced just to be canceled in a year

bluefox755579d ago

Well, the articles keep coming up, of course people are going to talk about them, that's the point of the website.

Gunstar75579d ago

So trolling articles is commentary now?

Angeljuice579d ago

"For such an undesirable product, you sure talk about it a lot."

His hobby is videogames, genius.

trooper_579d ago

Oh no, heaven forbid we talk about consoles on N4G.
It's a gaming site, where opinions are allowed.

subtenko579d ago

I remember when everyone talked about people on one desired to take bathsalts other than the crazies..... you sure are being silly assuming talking about something = desirable...

Artemidorus579d ago

Only thing to talk about when it's Microsoft, that or Windows.

nX579d ago (Edited 579d ago )

"It's obvious fear with the amount of time they spend talking about it."

Well you've got it all wrong, noone actually ever feared the Xbox brand - many people would love this console to succeed by giving us unparalled gaming experiences. However the reality is that Xbox, or rather Microsoft, doesn't contribute anything meaningful to this industry while also coming up with the most idiotic business models that people started hating them for. Xbox supporters are a small minority for a reason and at this point, many people wouldn't even care if the brand was being discountinued - it really wouldn't be a huge loss for this industry.

ArmrdChaos579d ago

Gotta love the armchair engineers and analysts on this all make Pachter look like a genius. lol

pinkcrocodile75579d ago


Can I ask you to say out loud that "Sony have NEVER cancelled a game" and "Sony have NEVER closed a studio". Sorry, I was giggling to myself whilst I wrote that bit; because we all know both statements are not true.

So IF Microsoft show off a AAA new IP, then that's a good thing isn't it. I'm not particularly bothered if its exclusive or not. Though I know a lot of people on this site say that exclusivity is more important than a Doctor Who Regeneration (Nothing is that important)

I-Say579d ago

I think Microsoft will have a great E3, looking forward to it.

_-EDMIX-_579d ago

@lenn- Why? Or we supposed to be silent about the system's shortcomings?

I don't see what keeping silent is going to do for you or this install base.

Microsoft confirm themselves thatt they're no longer doing Xbox exclusives, there now multi-platform...


Don't get mad at facts..

Take that up with Microsoft


Doesn't make him wrong, though

strifeblade578d ago

Im a big xbox fan and not going to give up on xbox any time soon, but if this marketing agreement and fricken that pirate game is all they have for e3... im going to be pissed. Im kinda frustrated actually that they lost remedy and didnt go through with scalebound. The only thing going for msoft is the scorpio, however only if many existing big titles recieve 4k patches, otherwise it is virtually DOA.

Toorah578d ago Show
Unspoken578d ago

Ironically, Xbox exclusives run on closed and custom systems and can run at native 4K unlike other systems.

conanlifts578d ago (Edited 578d ago )

I agree with what you say. For me i am a big fan of xbox, but at the moment and after scalebound i am on the edge. The reason i stick with it mostly is so that i can game against a select few friends who only own an xbox. Plus i am a big gears fan. But i am quite disappointed in them since gears 4 was released. For me i do not feel like they have done anything worthwhile since gears and their upcoming exclusives have minimal appeal. Scalebound was a game that did hold my interest but we know What happened there.

Angel911578d ago

What more can u expect from ponies? They just enjoy shitting on xbox for no reason..It's obvious they are scared of Scorpio as it will demolish ps4 in they are trying to spin it around with games nonsense...When they know MS will announce games at e3...

JhoomBarabar578d ago


But it won't demolish the juggernaut PS4 in sales. PS4 will slaughter the crap outta scorpio globally so why should us PS fanboys be scared? We've got the whole world that prefer PlayStation, something that your lame xbox won't ever boast about. Lol

4Sh0w578d ago (Edited 578d ago )

Yep, we should talk about Microsoft putting their exclusives on pc, just dont forget to talk about either way Microsoft will be glad to take your money, software is King. No doubt this also contributes to Windows 10 growth within the pc space. Less Xbox hardware sells to increase total software sells and their overall portfolio= fanboys talk but business is about making money. Looks like Sony is headed in the same direction with more ps4 games coming to pc too, they just don't have the infrastructure or incentive to go all in like Microsoft.

AngelicIceDiamond578d ago (Edited 578d ago )

The majority of the opinion is biased. So yes he and everyone constantly none stop day in and day out talk about a product that they hate instead of the one they love the most. Either way the fanboys are obviously hurt by this of course doesn't take much to rile up a fanboy especially a Sony one. Promise if this was any other company we wouldn't have hate stupid fanboy comments.

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DigitalRaptor579d ago

Fear that Microsoft gets to show off Assassin's Creed: Origins and Middle-earth: Shadow of War, whilst Sony gets to show off the much bigger games like Destiny 2, Star Wars Battlefront II, Red Dead Redemption 2, and Call of Duty: WWII in addition to their own much bigger exclusive games? Quaking in his boots, I'm sure.

bluefox755579d ago

Fear of what? Just because many of us are disappointed in Xbox, doesn't mean we don't WANT it to do well. It would be a good thing for all if Microsoft did great at E3. Competition is good for all consumers.

thekhurg579d ago


LOL so true

579d ago
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GTgamer579d ago

Lmao it's kills how you guys still think you MS can beat Sony I think you guys believe it more Than MS.

yomfweeee579d ago

Ya we've been skiing our boots for 3+ years.

notachance579d ago (Edited 579d ago )

the console is dead outside US... while PS and Nintendo enjoyed growing marketshare in new regions that choose console based purely on games.

people in growing regions can't rely on customer support or bullshit entertainment options and their friendlist is still too few to make a choice based on what console their friends at.. so it all comes down to games, especially single player ones to penetrate market in these regions, which PS and Nintendo have quite the strong libraries.

now fast forward to maybe 5-10 years when these regions have catch up with US in terms of profit and marketshare, and they've all been dominated by Sony and Nintendo (exactly like what happened in most of Europe previous gens)

TL;DR f you MS for not releasing any interesting single player games, what are we supposed to do? play Halo against US players with goddamn huge ass latency?

oh, and please... fear? even in your home territory it got kicked hard by Sony, and we still haven't talked about the rest of the world... you know, the one which marketshare still growing all over compared to already peaked US marketshare, soon it will look puny compared to the rest of the world you know? and if by then MS still haven't made the effort to claim these regions, well..

trooper_579d ago

Oh no, the fear of a console with no proven exclusives!

Whatever shall we do?

subtenko579d ago

Mannn just stop....dont be pathetic... We all sense BS from Microsoft the same ol same ol thats why no one here is applauding, because there is nothing to cheer about! Its the same game from Microsoft and the same PR talk over and over, we are waiting to see actions!

krypt1983579d ago

@quake let sony spend the money to show them games off , wait till the comparison videos hit the internet and ps4pro version looks like a neo geo version

andrewsquall579d ago

@DigitalRaptor Holy shit. I AM genuinely terrified now. The last time an AC game was hyped on Xbox first, Unity, it almost destroyed the franchise forever.

81BX579d ago

It is fear.. fear that they will actually like more than one console. Wow what a shocker!

_-EDMIX-_579d ago

@Blue-completely agreed.

Even as a person that owns a gaming PC I'm greatly disappointed that there's nothing good by this publisher , even remotely.

Microsoft continuing to do poorly doesn't really help me as a PC Gamer because I don't even have games that I could play by this publisher....

They just all suck .

rainslacker578d ago

It's good you're getting in touch with your feelings.

Obscure_Observer578d ago


The simply fact that you biased people are here, says enough. If you are so happy with Sony offerings, i really don´t know what you´re doing here other than downplaying and trolling.

Obscure_Observer578d ago


I was replying to Deadsilence. His comment has nothing to do with the article and only shows desperation. Why he hasn´t got marked is beyond me.

Obscure_Observer578d ago


"Or you fear ?"

Me? I´m a multi console owner. I could care less about fanboy crap. I´m just sick of fanboys downplaying anything non Sony related. Look for me downplaying any Sony or Nintendo articles then we can talk.

IGiveHugs2NakedWomen578d ago


You may have a point. Gamers are afraid that Microsoft's "vision for gaming" will ruin the entire industry.

DigitalRaptor578d ago (Edited 578d ago )

@ Obscure_Observer

"The simply fact that you biased people are here, says enough. If you are so happy with Sony offerings, i really don´t know what you´re doing here other than downplaying and trolling."

I'm on an article on N4G, a website for gamers. If the title of an article draws me in there I'll be there. Who it is about, has no influence on my presence. I'm on here to exchange words, you clearly are on here to misrepresent others, which is why you were torn down so easily on your comment here.

Nobody you tried to imply are scared, is scared. They are simply giving their thoughts, much to your discomfort. You are too busy try to discredit the honest things people say just because they are biased. Who cares? If they're right, they're right. If they're wrong, they're wrong.

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Erik7357579d ago

I mean even their "exclusives" are gonna be on my pc.....

Have no idea why someone would get a xbox

Chris12579d ago

@Erik, so because you have a PC you don't know why anyone would want an Xbox. Do you trolls read the crap you write sometimes?

And MS aren't bothered if you don't buy an Xbox, it's the software sales that make the cash. Xbox is console and PC now so they still win in financial terms.

candystop579d ago

There exclusives are not going to be in pc. Quit posting nonsense! There will be Xbox exclusives and pc exclusives.

chrisoadamson579d ago

I don't have any room for a pc set up. however I do have a sitting room with a 60" 4k Samsung. I don't need to buy any accessories for my Xbox and my mates at on Xbox live. so that's why

579d ago
Knockknock579d ago

Or why anyone would buy a ps4 1800p pro

xsta1ker579d ago

yep and microsoft will take your money for the exclusive game purchase on your pc lol
i can do the same but as an xbox owner i play anywhere for the same exclusives.

_-EDMIX-_579d ago

@Erik- 100% correct.

All this move does is make owning a gaming PC that much more attractive. Consider if you were even looking into buying an Xbox purchasing a gaming PC makes much more sense because you're already getting all that software plus all the other software that's never going to hit consoles like major RTS games and other independent RPGs etc

I mean for god sakes even owning a gaming PC currently essentially nullifies the reason to even purchase and Xbox.

I own a gaming PC and that announcement that they were releasing all their games on PC essentially solidified that was never going to own a XBone, I only want maybe one or two games one of which is already been cancelled lol

There is only one place you're going to find the Nintendo published switch games and there is only one place you're going to find specific Sony games that are on PlayStation 4.

Thus, you must actually on those platforms that actually play those games.

The combo this generation is literally going to be what it's been the last several generations for me a Nintendo handheld with the switch a PlayStation console with the PlayStation 4 and a PC for Microsoft games...

I mean for several previous generations I've bought things like Halo 1/2 and Gears of War and Fable and even Knights of the Old Republic and just a series of games on PC, that I otherwise would have purchased an Xbox to play.

They've made it very easy for me to decide not to purchase it literally almost every single generation you think just wait a few years will continuously release games on PC.

I mean Alan Wake was literally the last straw that made me decide to never buy the 360 I already owned specific titles that I wanted on that platform anyway on PC.

Yet this generation is basically permanently solidify that I'm probably not going to purchase one of their consoles..

_-EDMIX-_579d ago

@cand-Quantum break is already on PC, scalebound before the cancellation was confirmed to come for PC and Halo 6 has actually already been confirmed to be coming to PC day and date so I'm not sure what you're talking about..

XanderZane579d ago

Even though that's absolutely true. Biased fanboys don't want to hear it or believe it. It makes them look silly.

"We’re gonna have games only released on the PC. We’re gonna have games only released on console. And PC gaming is critically important to the company.”
So there you have it. As Phil Spencer claimed, there will be both PC and console exclusives from Microsoft. "

candystop578d ago

I think the best gaming decision this generation currently is Scorpio and PS4. Yeah I said it and its 100% opinionated but so what I said it and that's how I feel.

GiantGriFFin578d ago

No. The best gaming decision is ps4, pc and switch. No need to buy xbox just for a few shitty regurgitated games that are gonna play 10x better on pc with free xbl.

candystop578d ago

Giant you're such a homo but we still accept your idiotic bland gaming tastes.

Unspoken578d ago


Let me guess, you own a Dell.

4Sh0w578d ago (Edited 578d ago )

"All this move does is make owning a gaming PC that much more attractive."

-Good, because as you know the bulk of the money in this industry is made from software sells, thus Microsoft welcomes your support no matter which platform you choose to purchase Xbox games on. Sure they'd rather get your money from both hardware+software but just software will do too, 'cause something is better than nothing=

You see Microsoft didn't just decide to give all this free love to pc gamers out of the goodness of their hearts, no they made a strategic plan to sacrifice Xbox hardware sales to broaden their potential customer base to include not just the AVG JOE CONSUMER who will buy X1 at the right price point, but also for hardcore PC ONLY GAMERS and PS GAMERS who due to brand loyalty won't buy an Xbox but can't resist playing some Xbox games, no loss to Xbox owners like me as we obviously still get to play the games and others joining in is cool.

ME, YOU, PC ONLY GAMERS, XBOX OWNERS and even PC/PS GAMERS are all contributing to Microsoft building the worlds first truly CONSOLE-PC ECOSYSTEM that Microsoft has envisioned. Personally I'm a console kind of guy so Im gonna gift my X1 to a young cousin on day 1 when I pick up my new Scorpio. Hey btw PLAY ANYWHERE is a awesome benefit thats solidified the Xbox-PC Ecosystem, plus its nice we'll be gettimg more games like Gears4 which allow crossplay between Xbox and pc gamers. Enjoy!

-Oh and don't forget that this also contributes to Windows 10 adoption rate among pc gaming (OS is Microsoft bread n butter)= Smart business, Xbox-PC Ecosystem.

_-EDMIX-_578d ago (Edited 578d ago )

@4Sh0w- Well yes....pretty sure we all know that buying a MS game on PC, gives MS money lol

I agree with you too. This is the best move MS could have done for themselves.

Not really for XB as its sales will lower because of this move, but for MS as a whole, its a smart business decision.

They own Windows 10, they need to support that platform and XB as suppose to keeping games from it. This move won't help XB sell more units, but it will help MS make more money.

I mean...sorry but I always agreed with that concept. You might have thought this was some fight to the death or I hated MS and didn't want them to have my money etc lol On the contrary, I still buy MS games on PC in the first place. If you look far back, I was the one that was even in support of MS going to PC with all their games as I felt it made more sense for the whole company, even if XB sales will lower, MS money will rise.

This will help the MS brand as a whole, but it will also weaken the XB brand by a whole lot. As in...I might never actually own an XB.

PS and Nintendo systems will always have a place in my home, they have exclusives, MS might just continue to be another publisher to me based on their choice, but I'm fine with that. I only like maybe 1 or 2 games from them, games I was not buying an XONE for, but clearly would buy on PC.

That gives MS money and gets me a game without having to buy whole console to play 2 things.

Win/Win. (Well maybe not for XB console, but win for MS)

I-Say578d ago (Edited 578d ago )

Hey why so much hate for Xbox?

XanderZane578d ago

I agree. I have both PS4 and XB1 and an very happy with my purchases. I don't need a beasty PC to enjoy gaming. The most popular PC games will all end up on PS4 Pro and Scorpio over the next 3-4 years. There are only a few exclusive PC games that I would want and it's not worth building a $1000+ PC to play them on it. I literally have over 2500 games to chose from on my PS4 and XB1. There are plenty console exclusives to go around. As for the Switch, it only has 2 games worth playing. I'll wait a year from now, and hoping they will have most quality exclusives to buy. Then I can pick one up. It's not going to have many 3rd party games at this point.

candystop578d ago (Edited 578d ago )


Stfu you dang idiot! You're spreading misinformation as well as spreading false information! The Xbox console sales will rise hopefully and Xbox is still a must have console with more value then the competition. Read this and quit ignoring facts! MS simply needed a reset and that's what Scorpio is about you freaking hater. I love all the consoles for something but as of the Scorpio launch it is the must have box.

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Vandamme21579d ago

They probably gonna announce Halo 5 ODLC lol.

XXanderXX579d ago

So they are going to announce a marketing deal with themselves .............................. .wow

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alb1899579d ago (Edited 579d ago )

Sad life. No body said happy birthday to you again......even in Facebook?

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Gunstar75579d ago

Wish you weren't only dead silent by name.

Zero_Suit_Samus579d ago (Edited 579d ago )

"Microsoft will announce marketing agreement for a new AAA title at E3 2017"

"Phil Spencer wonders why gamers care about third party marketing deals."