Square-Go: Samba De Amigo Review

Square-Go Writes:

"It's a party game through and through and there is definitely much more fun to be had with a second person. There is a simple one-on-one score attack mode, battle mode, where the first player to reach 99-hits wins and a 'Love Love' mode, where you win or lose depending on how well synchronised you are with your partner."

"Samba De Amigo is a classic remake of a classic game and one which really benefits from the motion sensitivity of the Wii. Throwing in cameos from the Sega roster, as well as a wealth of extra mini-games and downloadable content makes for one appealing package. It's bright and charming visuals lend the game a feel-good factor amid a sea of gritty and tired space shooters and beat-em-ups."

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