Forza Horizon 3's Hot Wheels Expansion Is Pure Joy

"Miles of bright orange track winding through the sky, speed boost pads flanked by gigantic toy engines, loop-de-loops and dinosaurs—I can’t stop smiling when I’m speeding through Forza Horizon 3's Hot Wheels expansion."

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christocolus76d ago (Edited 76d ago )

Pure Joy Indeed. Great job T10 and PG games. FH3 Hotwheels is amazing.

Kribwalker76d ago

Its Definitely a tonne of fun

4Sh0w75d ago (Edited 75d ago )

Yeah, I haven't had this much fun in a long time.....pffft, except sharing with my daughter, she wants to drive it more than me, girl thinks she's Speed Racer or something.

moldybread76d ago

The game runs so smooth and looks incredible.

ShadowKnight76d ago

Soooo, they pretty much copied Rockstars Cunning Stunts update for GTA 5 with prettier visuals? LOL. Looks like GTA 5 Stunt races really though lmao

gangsta_red75d ago

Yes, Rockstar was the first to create racing cars on whacky tracks.

Keep trying Knight, you're almost there.

Gunstar7575d ago

I'm pretty sure "hotwheels" have been around a bit longer than GTA5.

There have been loads of games over the years with similar track ideas, it's just that Playground Games have absolutely nailed it with this DLC.

The best racer this gen just got even better!

Happy days!!!!

mozzie75d ago

yeah, except driving in GTA can be compared to sliding on oil or something. don't get me wrong, i'd love an open world game with the freedom of gta and forza's driving physics. for now i just have to accept that both games compromize in the respective areas. GTA gives me freedom and guns and forza gives me a faboulos open world with great cars and a great driving physic.

darthv7275d ago

guess you never played a hot wheels game on the og xbox? That is pretty fun as well.

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nativegoku75d ago

Honestly. If you've had a hard/stressful day and you just want to let go, this game is therapy seriously.

alb189975d ago

The best racing car, period.

KingTrash74d ago (Edited 74d ago )

The best racing game of all time just got a lot better. Some of the best DLC ever!