Forza Horizon 3: Hot Wheels Review - IGN

Forza Horizon 3 may be growing older, but it's not growing up.

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christocolus133d ago (Edited 133d ago )

It's so much fun to play, everything else has been put aside since this was released sorry cities skylines and little nightmares.

FH3 Hotwheels could be its own game, in fact, it should be its own game. It's amazing what these studios have been able to do with this franchise.

Great job T10 and PG games.

darthv72132d ago

It's like the spiritual sequel to the Hot Wheels game on the og xbox. That is still fun to play.

dirkdady132d ago (Edited 132d ago )

LoL ign reviewed Forza Horizon hot wheels update. You can take my hot wheels and shove it where the sun doesn't shine.

Ign why don't you also review GTA Cunning stunts update as well?

Kun_ADR132d ago (Edited 132d ago )


Is GTA Cunning stunts a paid DLC? Because last time i checked, it is a FREE DLC. Forza Hot Wheel is not an update FREE DLC. It is a PAID EXPANSION therefore it deserves it own mini review.

When the Witcher 3's free mini dlc comes out do all reviewers scram to review or do they start to review only when the main expansion comes out?

Gta v free dlc couldnt even be compared to this expansion. Smh at the ignorant of some people here.

dirkdady132d ago

Kun I just find it so amusing.. may be it's just me?
Pls enjoy your expansion or whatever the heck this is suppose to be.

Tech5132d ago

this DLC is so addictive like seriously. Turn 10 just keeps on making fun and entertaining games. These guys should seriously keep making more expansion content like this.

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XanderZane132d ago

Game looks incredible. The best racing game this generation, gets one awesome expansion. I need to get this as soon as possible.

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Septic133d ago

The best racer ever gets even better! Can't wait to play this on the weekend. Trying to get all the cheeves on this. And I usually never care for them!

XMessiah23x132d ago

Hand down nothing is eve close to the quality and the exp you get with FH3. But to be fair their is no real competition either Need for speed was awful and Drive club stinks.

Movefasta1993132d ago

Driveclub is garbage,i don't know how anyone can enjoy the game's physics,the handling is straight trash.

corroios132d ago

Drive club stinks... lol. Sad gamers, saying something like that. FH3 doesnt do anything new and that stink game does many things in real time. Not faked, baked or pre rendered.

Sony closing Evolution was something sad, because their next drive club could be even better, because it was their first game on PS4 and not their 4 racing game in 4 years...

Drive club still is the best in term of graphics like it or not, and is a arcade racer like Forza

Movefasta1993132d ago (Edited 132d ago )

Nobody denies that dc is the best looking racer, it's just not a good racer. @corro

Gunstar75132d ago

Driveclub stinks?

It didn't take long for someone to be a dick in what could have been a fanwars free conversation.

Driveclub is a good game, not an amazing game, but to say it stinks does it's talented devs a diservice.

You can say the Hot wheels DLC is awesome (which it is) without having to start another slanging match by slagging off a PS4 game.


4Sh0w132d ago

Gunstar, while imo FH3 is by far the best racer out there, I do agree with you, there's no reason to trash Driveclub.

LexHazard79132d ago

I'll agree that FH3 is the shit. But I strongly disagree about Driveclub. Its my favorite racer on Playstation.

candystop132d ago

Glad we have another masterpiece on our hands but no need to be petty. Lets just happy Xbox gamers and not haters!

XMessiah23x132d ago

Woah, settle down DC fans. I included two games that I thought were rubbish to ensure people would not think I was saying bad things about DC only. But DC was a huge let down to me. It was the reason I bought a PS4 at launch I love racing games. I so wanted to like DC it had closed tracks and they were new not rehashed stuff you see in every Sim game. But the game was awful you had invisible walls on the side of the road the roads were way to narrow and the physics was garbage. I just did not enjoy the game. It was beautiful looking game but it proved the age old saying you need more than good graphics to makea good game.

@corroios, Your prerendered graphics is what DC does look at everything on the side of the road its all prerendered, FH3 you can drive anywhere run over anything not sure you get how open FH3 is compared DC. I also disagree about Evolution their motorstorm series was not great I only enjoyed one of the 3 and that was Apocalypse well i also liked their mini rc racing game too.

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Razzer132d ago

Playground Games are awesome. Definitely picking up this at some point. Huge backlog right now.

mcstorm132d ago

I know what you mean I have gears 4 forza 6 horizon 3 halo 5 mgs5 Zelda breath of the wild and Mario kart 8 to get through to name a few dam getting old.

Nintendo4Lifex132d ago

That's it. Halo 5 is fast. Mario kart 8 you don't beat and is casual pick up and play. And Gears of War 4 is fast. Man if that's your backlog you one lucky man.

dirkdady132d ago

lol was just thinking the same thing, no offense but what kind of crap backlog is that?

mcstorm130d ago

No that's to name a few also have a load of wiiu games and others I've not even started on the Xbox one. Just don't get the time to game like I did when I was younger

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ocelot07132d ago

How do you buy DLC on the PC version? Never bought DLC from the Windows 10 store. I am assuming this must be bought via the in game store?

AKR132d ago

Yes, it's on the Windows Store. You can also get to the buy page straight from the game itself.

Razzer132d ago (Edited 132d ago )

The game gave me a "buy now" option when i fired it up last night. Also adds a point on the map you can navigate to. Or you can purchase it directly from the Windows store.

ocelot07132d ago

Thanks I have was checking the Windows 10 store app and couldn't find it.

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