Halo Boss leaves studio to work on Microsoft Mixed Reality

There will be an adjustment made in the 343 Industries, because today we learned that director of the studio, Dan Ayoub, will leave his post to join the ranks of Microsoft's Mixed Reality team.

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christocolus374d ago

Nice..I guess he will be working with Casey Hudson (Director of the Mass Effect triology and KOTOR). Casey has been working with the Mixed Reality team for a while now.

UltraNova374d ago

Ok who's taking over now?

373d ago
Erik7357373d ago (Edited 373d ago )

The more people they gut out of 343 the better.

Halo 4 and 5 lacked so much heart and smelled of corporate BS in the games

God halo 5's story was garbage, sure the universe and lore in it was amazing ( halo 4's story was actually somewhat decent because it went into the relationship of cortana and chief and showed that cortana in a way was flawed like human beings) . But that was all just simply amazing because it was in books and they just threw it in there. Anything else that was made from 343 was garbage from the story aspect. Seriously what was dope about the spartans around master chief in the game? Really nothing just "Oh holy crap those are the guys I read about from the books so cool"

At Least they fixed the multiplayer from the horrudens state it was in from halo 4, aka a CODified halo, halo 5 went back to the roots more but was still afraid to be not fast paced and still felt the need that sprint was a staple in any fps game ( Overwatch proves this obviously wrong)

Also forerunners are cool LOOKING but not fun to fight.

OpieWinston373d ago

You do realize Dan Ayoub headed up 343i B team.
A team is in charge of the main halo saga.

He's responsible for Halo CE:A, Halo 2:A, Halo MCC, Halo Wars. (While working with other studios)

And they canned the Narrative Director/Lead Writer of Halo 5. Brian Reed is long gone. So he won't mess up Halo 6.

nativegoku373d ago

Dude please just give it tf up!

slate91373d ago

I agree. And very nice point with the overwatch reference. Ive never thought about that before.

Krysis372d ago (Edited 372d ago )

As a long time halo fan I can honestly say that if the multi-player ever goes back to the old slow walk I will never play again. There f#$king enhanced super soldiers wearing state of the art armor of course they can sprint. It was stupid that it took so long to implement. Then again I don't suck so maybe that's why I loved halo 5, but you were right about they story being garbage

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DigitalRaptor373d ago (Edited 373d ago )

Yeah, dude, we all know who Casey is. Putting his previous achievements on AAA games in brackets doesn't fill the rest of us with any confidence that he's making "mixed reality" games of the same caliber, especially not on gimped hardware like what has been revealed in the past 2 days.

christocolus373d ago (Edited 373d ago )

Lol. Why does my comment bother you so much? I phrased it exactly how I wanted it to be not the way digitalraptor expected me to put it down. This is beyond pathetic ..Lmao XD. Dude go whine somewhere else. You were not forced to read or reply my comment with that boring rant.I don't care what you think and I'm sure most Xbox owners on this site feel the same way and so you know what I posted is fact, if it upsets you that much then go find someway to deal with it instead of posting your BS in every Xbox thread or post your replies to people who actually care what you think... ok?

DigitalRaptor373d ago (Edited 373d ago )

Lol, I was just saying it exactly how it is, but I can see you've discovered how easy it is to call something BS just because you don't like it. I just happened to read your comment, so being forced to read it is not really a possibility once it had already happened.

You were so bored by my comment that you replied to it with a rant that was actually mostly waffle and longer than what I posted. You don't care what I think, but chose to prove otherwise by showing that you do.

Kribwalker373d ago

I did not know who Casey was until he wrote that....I'm not particularly into the whole headset scene so whatever they are making hopefully it's playable on my couch, with a regular controller in my hand on my 4k tv

christocolus373d ago (Edited 373d ago )


Ignore him. The dude ain't fooling anyone.He has an agenda and at this point, I don't even have to go beyond the first 4 words of his posts to realize it's more unnecessary talk, whining, downplaying or just plain trolling.

OpieWinston373d ago

Maybe he's heading up a VR MMO.

I get it "DigitalRaptor" you've got one of the most closed minds on this site. But relax. Some of us are really pumped to see what Casey Hudson could be doing.

Supafly373d ago

I'm not sure many people on here know who this casey person is. I too wasnt sure until i read his post.

DigitalRaptor373d ago (Edited 373d ago )

Fair enough, you guys seem to have got me down. The guy who directed Mass Effect, one of the leading Xbox 360 exclusives of last gen, you have no idea who he is. Okay. 🤣

@ christ

Quite frankly, you never responded to any of my more thought provoking and glaringly honest posts either just because they happen to outline some uncomfortable truths, so I'm not surprised you've given up.... after reading "Yeah, dude, we all", I'm sure you knew exactly what I was going to say next... You haven't even bothered to respond to my point. Are you confident that Casey is going to create a mixed reality game of the same caliber of Mass Effect and KOTOR (because that's the only reason you posted those games)?

@ OpieWinston

I've destroyed your arguments more times than I can recall, so I can see why you continue to hold that grudge and say poorly defined things about me, but that still doesn't negate the point I made. I have no issue with anyone being excited for seeing his creativity, but at least you're not going around declaring his previous achievements to make it seem like he will be creating as ambitious a game of the same caliber.

@ magiciandude4K

Hahahha. Looks like Rookie_Monster is back to raise the roof on this place.
I guess I bring out the best in people. 🤣

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Krysis372d ago (Edited 372d ago )

Gimped hardware, bahahaha. I don't think anyone who's sane believes that.

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Obscure_Observer372d ago

Thats very good info, chris. Thanks!

Shows MS´s commitment to VR/AR/MR

Even more excited for E3 now :)

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DigitalRaptor373d ago

Oh, that's interesting.

But don't expect the same level of "concern" to be shared here on this specific move, as was on here:

Septic373d ago

We can all see the levels of your concern lol.

DigitalRaptor373d ago

Another substance-free response from you, that doesn't even address the reality of my point.

A common trend among you folks.

Obscure_Observer372d ago

Man, just leave it alone. No Xbox owner respects you and they never will. You and the likes of you have a well known history and agenda.

So predicable. Every time we see your name in an Xbox article we just know nothing good will came out of your words. Just rage, jealousy, downplay and trolling.

Krysis372d ago

First off Peter molyneux is the only lionhead boss of any notoriety, and even then his games could never live up to his hype. Comparing this to Casey Hudson, who has overseen some of the greatest games of our era, is ridiculous. With that said though I really hope this man develops something mind blowing for PSVR, the VR industry really needs some great games to help it grow.


Looks like the titanic... Abandon ship!