PcAdvisor: Pentax Optio A40 Review

PcAdvisor Writes:

"The Pentax Optio A40 throws in a handful of other features that have been cropping up on similar cameras: slide shows in playback mode, face recognition, soft-skin portraits, kids, and even different settings for pets of different colours. You also get a silly feature that adds a cartoon frame around your subject, so you can capture manga-style photo-booth shots wherever you want. Manual settings include manual exposure (in preset, nonstandard increments only), shutter priority (but not aperture priority), saturation, contrast, colour filtration effects, and white balance. The Pentax Optio A40 shoots 640 by 480 video and lets you zoom in and out fairly smoothly while recording."

"The Pentax Optio A40 is a good, no-nonsense camera that captures pictures with surprisingly good image quality."

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