CSM: Buzz! Quiz TV Review

CSM Writes:

"The most exciting new feature in Quiz TV is the ability to make and share your own quizzes with the rest of the world. Players compose questions on their PCs using a form found at, then anyone playing the game on their PlayStation 3 can access it from the game menu. There is some chaff -- poorly written quizzes with occasional factual errors -- but the overall quality of user generated content is quite impressive and spans a wide range of topics, from European football to the Star Wars films to famous advertising slogans. Of course, user content always comes with the potential for abuse, but we have yet to find purposefully offensive material. Plus, players have the ability to report anything they deem inappropriate."

"The other big innovation is online play. The Buzz! games are always most entertaining when played against other people, but sometimes there's just no one else in the house with whom a person can play. That's where Quiz TV's simple "sofa vs. sofa" mode comes in. It leads four networked players through several fast paced rounds of questions, and can be a real hoot. Everything else is pretty similar to what players have seen before in Buzz! games for the PlayStation 2, just with the spiffier presentation and cleaner graphics you'd expect of a PlayStation 3 title. But that's still enough to make Buzz! Quiz TV one of the best, most well-rounded quiz games around."

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