Resistance 2 Video Preview-The 1UP show

Getting down with the game's multiplayer and co-op modes. Insomniac looks to bring its sequel Resistance to the upper echelon of shooters on PS3.

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Cajun Chicken3580d ago

Loved the first one and this seems like a great game for value with all the different modes, I see patches of Serious Sam shining through in this one and that's a great thing.
Besides, we all know by now; Insomniac don't make rubbish or overhyped games.
I just hope we get some more vehicle gameplay, because the sections Insomniac packed into Resistance1 were awesome and Resistance2 would be great with more emphasis on vehicles than the first one.

Overr8ed3580d ago (Edited 3580d ago )

ITs seems Insomniac isnt disappointing anyone (well except Yahoo and Eurogamer) with the R2. Really, I was in the Beta and I swear Co-op made my day everyday. Communication with other players (sometimes making new friends out of doing that), the amount of enemies at times were staggering and good Level design (with Randomization!!! which is the best feature of Co-op in R2). Competitive was a little weird in the beta but it seems like they fixed that problem.
R2 is going to be a great game, If the Story disappoints (which it really shouldn't due to some videos I seen) then Competitive & Co-op would carry on the game.
I wonder what would happen if IG (Insomniac Games) took their more time with their games. if this is what they made during and after the Finalization of R&C Future & during the Development of Q4B, then it makes you think on how much this game would excel more if they had more people to work on it.

Edit: Yo I really forgot of the Community features that R2 is going to have. RSS feeds of your Friends in R2 (If your buddy Lvl'ed up and you are online the R2 Fourms/ Community site you see it pop-up on the feed) taking Facebook/Myspace features and adding them to the Community is great. IG out done themselves

Shane Kim3580d ago

Game(s) of the Year: Resistance 2 (MGS4 my personal favorite, and LBP)
Only on Slaystation 3.

Sevir043580d ago

This game will likely get 9.3-9.7 and maybe a few 10s come this october when they review it. i cant wait the game is gonna be rock solid. i want this game sooo bad it's not even funny. Insomniac never cease to amaze. bring on R2

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