Gamespot: LBP Beta codes coming Monday

Lark Anderson from Gamespot has just given an update on the key giveaway situation:

"Expect to see confirmation emails until Monday."

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jay23731d ago (Edited 3731d ago )

No betas until Monday?
People, including my self won't be happy about this, they loose two full days of playing (this being a week end when 99% of people don't work) because you guys at Gamespot did this all wrong. What you should have done is stop any more Emails being sent after the 2000 of the right answers for the beta keys were sent in. the way you went around this was seriously flawed.

Marty83703731d ago (Edited 3731d ago )

Stop moaning. The quote says up untill Monday. Meaning Monday is the cut of point.

poindat3731d ago

In case you haven't noticed, most of the (North American) beta keys don't go out until Monday. Just be glad you may have a chance to play this early.

aceitman3731d ago

hey im aceitman and im a member they did everything right gave people a chance and got people who didnt go to there site to go there they should just give it to members then if there is any left over give them to people who dont go to there site to just get a key be grateful they even gave you a chance i know i am and im crossing my fingers i get one and for u stop being selffish .

trancefreak3731d ago

@acetman please man gamespot should be ashamed of how it was handled. go read the forums if your an active member there and you will see where the breakdowns were.

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Asphyxiate3731d ago

More waiting but I am just happy that I am still in with a chance to get a beta key off them.

does this username m3731d ago

......Now that is SERIOUSLY f*cked up,they used people just to get hits for that god-awful ''on the spot'' show,and made it seem like the codes would be given out the next day.

DNAgent3731d ago

I'm sure that I won't get in like all the other places I tried to get a code from.

NeloRisi3731d ago

Nearly given up myself. I've applied to like half a dozen places but no luck - I think I'll just play the game when it comes out. MM is just torturing their costumers by not allowing everybody access.

Neo Nugget3731d ago

I won't be expecting a code, don't wanna get let down >.>

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