How to prevent sickness from FPS games

Examiner writes: "Do you feel queasy, nauseous or have a massive headache when you play first-person shooter (FPS) games? I get it from playing Halo 3. I know, you're probably thinking that I'm the wussiest gamer on the planet right now. But guess what? What I experienced is a legitimate malady called "simulator sickness" which affects 20% to 50% of the population. It's a type of motion sickness related to virtual environments, simulations, and video games.

Air Force and Navy pilots are even tested for it when they sign up due to the amount of time they'll need to spend in aircraft and combat simulators. Simulator sickness is actually more common in people who do NOT get motion sickness from other things. In fact, if you get motion sickness from cars, boats or planes, you can be pretty sure you won't get simulator sickness."

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DNAgent3581d ago

I can play FPS games and even games like Wipeout & F-Zero fine but I do know some people who may get dizzy from those games. The only games that really mess with me are the Rockband & Guitar Hero games because after I play them and look around the room it seems as if everything is kind of stretching upwards. It hasn't really made me "sick" as in throwing up or anything though. I also think the cause of this is because of the way the notes come down. If looked as if it was on a flat surface (such as Rock Revolution) then i'm sure I would be fine. I wouldn't mind at least having a feature in RB & GH that would do that. It would make it a lot easier on my eyes.

EnglishPatriot3581d ago

I dont get any sickness from any game. The only time I actually do feel sick which is mostly headaches is when I'm p*ssed off with the game I'm playing.

Wii60Fan3581d ago

Wii sickness when I realize there are no good games coming out for that system.

TheColbertinator3581d ago

Your user name is a deception.

Get Boom Blox.F***ing awesome game

TheColbertinator3581d ago

Hahahaha love that pic.

Play an RPG or an RTS.Really helps you relax.

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The story is too old to be commented.