Mirror's Edge: Faith City Trailer Dissected

High-Definition WMV video included.

Electronic Arts have been rather generous with Mirror's Edge of late. Officially revealing new gameplay footage as well as announcing a demo for XboxLIVE! Marketplace and PLAYSTATION Network, and now, Faith City. Released for the European audience late last night, Faith City is an animated teaser trailer setting the scene for the game.

Opening to a pan of the clean-cut cityscape, after the complimentary Mirror's Edge styled Splash Screens, a narration begins to tell the tale as Faith - our female protagonist - enters into view. She describes...

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SoXTheDon3584d ago

didn't work for me ..
i tried refreshing the page 5 times yet no luck getting this vid to work

I'd appreciate a download link
Thanks for the post ;)

kevco333584d ago


There you go!

Dude, if you get that problem again, just right-click where the video should be and select "Properties", the address will always be there!