Kong: Skull Island Director: F*** Those Who Even Question That Games Can Be Art

Kong: Skull Island Director Jordan Vogt-Roberts, who is making the Metal Gear movie, gave a very passionate opinion on games being art after citing Zelda, Metroid, Metal Gear and indie titles like Firewatch, Inside, Journey and Gone Home among his favorites.

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Aurenar430d ago

I think the videogame is art, like the cinema.

ccgr430d ago

Same but I wouldn't use such harsh language to get my point across.

KaiPow430d ago

It got you to pay attention, right?

DanteVFenris666430d ago

Your right. Just fucking kill the person :D

indysurfn430d ago

well well well..... All system owners are in agreement. I noticed not a single gamer (so far) has disagreed with Aurenar that videogames are art.

Look at some of the scenes from Horizon, Halo, Skyrim, Any Final Fantasy, Tomb raider. The list is ENDLESS.

UltraNova430d ago

In my opinion games (certain ones) have long surparssed film in art direction. I mean light years ahead.

notachance430d ago

hey humanity survived for thousands of years until this day because of that word

Kleptic429d ago (Edited 429d ago )

but, who that is relevant still questions it? I get that people say it, but it's always more of a misunderstanding of the definition of art, than anything to really take seriously.

When people say 'that's not art', they usually refer to paintings and play writes from hundreds of years ago...what they ALWAYS leave out is that the people that absorbed said content when it was new...did it as a form of entertainment; an escape from day to day w/e...societies absorption of entertainment changes all the time, but arm chair nobodies attempt to seal the definition of the word...and it's a joke.

I guess that's my only point. Art is mostly another word for creativity. Business people meddle in creativity all the time, and usually ruin it. Some games are not creative, and ride on the backs of previous success. But games, are no more or less overall art than literally any form of entertainment...the biggest difference being success in this form of entertainment is by far the most artistically bound. Horrid comic book movies rule box offices, disastrously pre-conceived music plugs top 40's month after month...but games, lack of creativity shifts a developer right out of the industry in days...Gaming, more than any other, remains the single form of entertainment that's proved the most resilient to objective and non creative business far...Activision and EA have been working hard to disprove that, though.

and then what do the kids do? Argue about sales, and popularity, as a that every step forward in the creative side of the industry is equally offset by the 'your opinion is wrong because CoD sold the most'...and suits eat that shat up like you wouldn't believe...Gaming is the most artistic form of entertainment still, but from both sides, users and business models, it's being compressed at a pretty alarming rate.

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skydragoonityx430d ago

If video games aren't art, then i don't know what art is

Festano430d ago

Damn right. It's just that most old folks don't understand games, but soon older people will be gamers, too

jznrpg430d ago

Festano , that will be me. Im in my early 40s and dont plan on quitting games until im not physically able, which hopefully isnt until I die

OhMyGandhi430d ago

Art is a monkey fornicating in the corner of your room while you sleep.

indysurfn430d ago

Ummmm I'm old folks. It's not the old folks its the people that don't like video games.

ion666429d ago

Those assholes think that these characters are drawn from thin air or something? No,they are created from thought and put on a digital canvas. That's called being artistic which those people seem to not understand.

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nidhogg430d ago

I think Mass Effect Andromeda is art.


Way to go. You found the exception to the rule. :P

SirBradders429d ago

A collage of excrement and donkey balls all melded onto a disc.

Relientk77430d ago

Yes video games are an artform

nitus10430d ago (Edited 430d ago )

Like any art form, you have an audience that likes, dislikes and all the shades in between. Of course, you always will have some people that adopt an extream attitude to any art form.

Gemmol430d ago

"I just want to see things that do something new. It’s really hard for me to just pick up a Call of Duty or something like that and just play it. I love Arkham Asylum, but it’s hard for me to pick up a sequel to something unless I feel like it’s really doing something new. Granted, I will always pick up a new Zelda and a new Metroid. I haven’t played Breath of the Wild yet because I am still getting my bearings and I need to get a Switch"

he a good man he think similar to matter how much zelda i play its a new experience, I do not know how Nintendo do it

The 10th Rider430d ago

It's something Nintendo always manages with Zelda and the 3D Mario games. The core gameplay and controls are always really dang similar, but the tone and feel of the game is unique with each one.

gangsta_red430d ago

Wow, RIP Metal Gear the movie if this guy is making it. Skull Island was super trash.

Trilithon430d ago

who disagrees with that? simple things entertain simple minds! Metal gear deserves better. if hideo kojima cant direct the movie, DONT MAKE IT. and they better not change plot lines like most game to movie adaptations!

shloobmm3430d ago

Kojima can't even tell his own story in a coherent and cohesive manner when it comes to his own videogames so he definitely won't be able to do it for a movie.

430d ago
SR388430d ago

They yeah will lol... Snake will be a teenage girl, the metal gear are all like irobot, they don't hide in cardboard boxes but instead super cool Lamborghinis, takes place in our time right now with loads of lil kids in thier iPhones .... Sounds great! :/

DialgaMarine430d ago

I personally enjoyed it. Thought Kong's new design was both very modern and in line with the original. Can't wait for the Godzilla vs Kong remake.

gangsta_red430d ago

Kong looked like a bigger version of the Peter Jackson remake, which isn't a bad thing. The rest of the movie for me was an Aliens/Predator, SyFy movie rip off. After seeing the post credit scenes the movie was an obviously thrown together in a hurry and a first step to set up yet another cinematic universe.

DialgaMarine430d ago (Edited 430d ago )

Maybe. I still felt like the pacing was good, there was plenty of Kong, and the whole "Moby Dick" style story between that Colonel and Kong was pretty cool.

The7Reaper430d ago

Really? I liked Skull Island wouldn't put it in a top 5 best movies spot but I still enjoyed it but to each their own.

Trilithon430d ago

anyone who debates this is an idiot. this article isn't worth a read.

DialgaMarine430d ago

A lot of people, particularly those within the film industry, like to claim video games are not an art form. Its actually been a pretty big topic of debate for many years now.

Trilithon430d ago

you get what im saying. i work in the film industry as an artist and have spent many years in game cinematics also... as an artist lol