Crispy Gamer: LEGO Batman: The Videogame Review

Crispy Gamer writes: "It's in our genetic makeup to want to build things. Clicking colored plastic pieces together not only lets a kid construct some tangible plaything, be it the house he wants to live in, the car he wants to own, or the hero he wants to be. It's about play, but it's about dreaming the so-called American dream, too, and not just yelling "USA! USA!" like a lunatic. LEGO lets you proudly shout, "I made this!" as if it were art and life that you are constructing. That's what the LEGO Batman event at the New York Museum of Natural History was about the other day: kids running around with LEGO and Batman, proudly making something."

What's Hot:
+Nice addition to Batman mythos
+Be hero or villain
+Terrific background graphics

What's Not:
-Similar to other LEGO games
-No online multiplayer
-So many damn pieces to pick up

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