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Prey is a new and shiny sci-fi thriller from the creative minds at Arkane Studios (developers of the Dishonored series) and Bethesda Softworks (The Elder Scrolls, Fallout, Doom). Played from a first-person perspective and incorporating elements of both FPS and RPG gameplay, Prey is like Dishonored, only for people who prefer spooky scary space aliens to arcane magic and knife-play.

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315d ago
Muadiib315d ago

This isn't the same team that developed the Dishonored games, this is their first game.

finite315d ago

http://www.arkane-studios.c... the developers behind the Dishonored franchise

Muadiib315d ago

It's a different team. They are Arkane Studios Austin and yes they helped the French team make Dishonored 1&2, Prey is their first project that they can truly call their own though.