WipEout HD's 1080p Sleight of Hand

Inside Digital Foundry writes: "Namco's Ridge Racer 7 has been the standard bearer for true 1920x1080p on PlayStation 3 since the system launched, and to this day nothing gets close to what this game is achieving at full raster 1080p. Sure, GT5 has a tangibly superior look overall but its mixture of 1280x1080 (in-game) and 1440x1080 (replay) resolutions precludes it from the discussion.

Sony Liverpool's WipEout HD is the first big game for a while to be touting true 1080p credentials and regardless of its technical prowess, it's stupidly good value at $19.99/£11.99. It's also a superb technical effort, great to play and accessible to a level that recent releases in the series have failed to achieve.
And 1080p? True 1080p? Well yes. And no. OK, most of the time, it is. I mean look at these shots... scrutinised and measured by the ever-reliable 'Quaz51' who cast his expert eye over a number of Digital Foundry TrueHD 1080p captures:"

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MvmntInGrn3551d ago

Very interesting and a good work-around instead of constant tearing. It's obvious 1080p in large scale games just isn't practical this gen but it's nice to see the effort for full HD users.

Really impressive game.

Tempist3551d ago

So basically this is an article that describes something that only extreme testing and equipment can detect. Basically if this had never been written no one would know the difference simply because there's technically and clearly no difference.

This article is being nothing more than nit-picky.

Roleplayer3551d ago

tell what the frame rate is ?

SabreMan3551d ago

I honestly do not care what resolution it runs at, all i know is it looks stunning on my 42inch plasma. I played this most of last night along with seven friends via PSN with no issues whatsoever until the early hours.
The game is simply incredible to look at and it plays even better, puts a whole new meaning to the term "silky smooth"

superb !!

Gitaroo3551d ago

you can tell that 60 fps is the team number 1 priority. Which is also the most important part that effect the gameplay. The game runs at a rock solid frame rate at what ever 1080p resolution is it running at.

yanikins1113551d ago

Next gen starts when WipEout hits.

This game is freaking awesome. Me and the band were playing it last night. Split screen rocks my world. Is there a trick to that horrible snowy course? Something climb? I can nail every course except that. Im gonna throw my playstation at a small child if i dont get it soon.

And have a listen: - and click the link down the bottom

Ive got some of our songs running in game. Fits pretty well.

hardcorehippiez3551d ago

wipeout was the first game i had for the ps1 and this just takes me away back to that initial omg feeling i had back then. addicting as hell, checked ya band out and added ya on myspace / check us out if ya get chance.

thor3551d ago

Yeah I know what you mean about that course.

Use a turbo boost just before the very last uphill section (before you go down into that tunnel). You'll zoom into the stratosphere and (if you don't go _too_ far) you can guide yourself into the tunnel. Be sure to pull off a barrel roll when you can.

yanikins1113551d ago

yeah i'll have a look when i sign in next.

and thanks for the tip. I hit boost in that mall course, i cant remember where, but it retty much shot me over half the map. wicked short cut, wicked game.

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The story is too old to be commented.