UGO: Resistance 2 Multiplayer Interview

UGO writes: "Resistance 2 is headed our way soon. All week I've been dishing out impressions of the game's solo campaign, 8-player co-op, and multiplayer modes. When I had my hands-on time with the FPS from Insomniac Games, I made sure to sidle up with the developer's Multiplayer Lead, Mike Roloson to dig in to all the new offerings that we'll be treated to online this fall. Hit the Jump for the complete interview.

UGO: So what is the largest addition to Resistance 2's multiplayer when you compare it to Resistance: Fall of Man?

Mike Roloson: Well, we crammed 20 more players into the same maps. So [having] 60 players is probably the biggest advancement. Which didn't prove tough for the tech. The tech actually came along pretty easily. But from a design standpoint, getting 60 players to play nice together was one of our biggest challenges."

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CrippleH3585d ago

70 maps!? If I've read that right it's insane.

thor3585d ago (Edited 3585d ago )

You didn't read it right :(

He's doing the typical "it's 70 combinations", like when a game where you can choose your own face and T-shirt advertises that there are over 100 combinations - it's only 10 options for each. However from the way he said it he implied there are different map layouts (like in warhawk). Assuming each map has 4-5 game modes each, that's 15 actual locations for maps, and I suspect there will be a large version (for 60 players) and a small version for <30 players for most of those.

Considering that around 8 maps seems to be the standard that's still pretty good.

TheColbertinator3585d ago

60 players in a next-gen game...sounds good

mfwahwah3584d ago

Yeah, it's current gen now.

If you mean it by "resistance is not at the quality of a current gen game" then show me one PS2 game that looks and plays like R2 :D

thatCanadianguyisgay3585d ago

ain't this on pc? oh wait! it's on ps3, looks like an average pc shooter. i dont know

ThatCanadianGuy3584d ago

Let me're xbox360 is out for repairs? You seem to have alot of time on you're hands redzev

crazymad593585d ago

is there still split screen for single player campaign?

TwelveGauge-GT3585d ago

Co-op campaign = yes,
Single player = no.