GameSpot: Multiwinia Review

GameSpot writes: "Multiwinia is a multiplayer take on indie outfit Introversion's break-out hit Darwinia. It's a real-time strategy game in which you command armies of flat, 2D characters across a range of isometric environments. Like its predecessor, Multiwinia has a retro graphical style and simple game mechanics, but its low-fi environment and accessible gameplay are the key to its appeal. The game's cute and addictive nature will appeal to newcomers and casual strategy fans alike, although more seasoned strategists may find it too shallow."

The Good

* Addictive multiplayer mode
* Unique visual style
* Intuitive control system
* Plenty of modes and maps
* Bargain price tag

The Bad

* Weak story missions
* Headstrong, duty-shirking Multiwinians

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