First screens from Level-5/Studio Ghibli's upcoming game.

Luke Plunkett, at, posts the very first screenshots of the new Level-5/Studio Ghibli collaboration.
He writes:
"In case you missed it amongst the flood of Level 5 news that hit the other day, the RPG powerhouse have teamed with Studio Ghibli to bring us Ninokuni, for the Nintendo DS. And...yeah, that's all you (and we) need to know before setting some money aside. While we wait to check the game out at TGS next month, you can check out these first screens for the game, along with some concept art and some shots of the game's magnificent packaging."

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RememberThe3573462d ago

How can you go wrong with Level-5 and Studio Gibli. They are considered to be the best in their respective fields. I would be seriously interested in how this turns out.

robotsonik3462d ago

I completely agree! Both studios have been favorites of mine and this collaboration just seems perfect....I can't wait to see the outcome of this venture.

meepmoopmeep3462d ago

i can't wait for this game.

Level-5 rocks!

Freezingduck3462d ago

This is excellent news for the PS3

RIP Xbox360

Gaara_7243462d ago

can you not read coz ITS FOR THE DS bring the ps3 and 360 into something what dont even consern them get outa here

Gaara_7243462d ago

Studio Ghibli the best anime move makers 3 of there films are in my top 5
1, princess mononoke
2, bleach diomand dust rebelion
3, howls moving castle
4, spirited away
5, apple seed 1
yah they are goan make a great game dam i just binned both of my old fat ds's lol not goa buy a new one helz no

Gorgon3462d ago

Isn't this one supposed to be coming for the DS and another non-anounced console yet?