Top 10 Longest Open World RPGs, Ranked By Number of Quests

Size matters! Which open world RPG over the past decade clocks up the most quests? Twinfinite does some number crunching.

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Skinman91221d ago

Interesting list. Honestly, The Witcher 3 took me about 220 hours to complete nearly every quest. It is a masterpiece. I think the quality of its content makes it impressive, even if it isn't quite the longest by actual number of quests.


Im 186hrs in and just completed Novigrad/Velen (of what I can) and I have not even dove into Skellige or Hearts of Stone or Blood and Wine lol

ThePope220d ago

The best videogame I've ever played

FernDiggidy220d ago (Edited 220d ago )

Great game indeed. Combat got stale for me though. Couldn't finish it.

stiggs220d ago

I really want to play The Witcher 3 but one of the factors which makes it so appealing (its depth and length) is the same thing that prevents me from giving it a go.

200+ hours! It would literally take me years to finish a game of this length due to how little time I can comfortably set aside for gaming. Man, I'm jealous!

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madhouse02221d ago

You definitely don't get the whole story from quest number. Shadow of Mordor is a much longer game than Horizon Zero Dawn if you play it properly and enjoy everything there is to offer from the Nemesis system.

Brave_Losers_Unite221d ago

Determining how long a game is by quests is stupid. Dragon Age Inquisition was filled with so many pointless boring filler quests

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bluefox755221d ago (Edited 221d ago )

That'a a bit subjective. That's like saying Fallout 4 has the most to do because you can keep doing minute men quests endlessly.

Brave_Losers_Unite221d ago

Infinite replayability! I never have to buy another game again!

_-EDMIX-_221d ago

If you play anything a specific way it could be longer.

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Yukes221d ago

Quality over quantity for me any day. I like it when there are just enough interesting quests to ensure you visit most of the game world, without resorting to filler content.

Lord_Sloth221d ago

Fortunately the Witcher has both. XXXD

Kurdishcurse221d ago

Not at all. The witcher is one of the worst in boring quests. Bloated diologue beyond logic, many boring and half assed quests(escorting a goat? And piss off with your missing frying pan lady) witcher 3 to me, is the epitome of quantity over quality.

Takwin220d ago

This other guy - Kurdishcurse - clearly has some issues. The depth of the quest system in The Witcher 3 is staggering, the dialogue is A+, and there is nothing akin to DragonAge/MassEffect with their fetch quests and boring padding.

Lord_Sloth218d ago

You quoted 2 of the 405 quests the game offers, 1 of which (the goat) I found amusing and funny. Not terribly long regardless.

gametrotter221d ago

How do games like Far Cry 4 and GTAV compare to this for content?

Kleptic220d ago

Well GTAV definitely has over '100 things to do', so would make the list on that metric, but I guess the list only focuses on traditional rpg like mechanics or something.

Not sure of its accuracy, though. Oblivion has over 200 'quests', Morrowind had over 400...Neither are on this

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