Game Revolution: Madden NFL 09 Review

Game Revolution writes: "(Let me start off by apologizing for this review being so late. Two weekends ago, right after taking Madden to review, I dunked on a basketball rim with a metal 'net' and shredded my right pointer [or trigger] finger. It opened a gash that required seven stitches, and left me unable to play video games. Now this begs several questions; I imagine your first question is "You can have an injury that keeps you from playing video games?", followed by a gasp, and then passing out. My first question is "Why do they have metal basketball 'nets' to begin with?", and especially at a retreat center in Marin County, California... the mean streets of Brooklyn I can see, but $%#@*& Marin? Anyway...)

So, here we are, twenty years of Madden. It's been on a lot of platforms, and heck, how many other game franchises have remained that relevant for that long? This is a particularly interesting time for the franchise, as it's in its third year on the high-def platforms. The balance and focus has clearly shifted to these next-gen versions, to the point that the PS2 and Xbox formats seem like an afterthought."

+ Nice graphics
+ Some promising new features
- . . .that have problems.
- Where is the accelerated clock feature?
- Same old, crappy single-player AI

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