What Next For Bioware's 'Mass Effect' Series?

Screen Critics Shaun takes a look at the future prospects for Bioware's Mass Effect series - asking where the series can possibly go next.

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Derceto221d ago

Hopefully selling it to a competent developer and publisher.

Summons75221d ago

Unfortunately, that won't happen with EA. Also because a few people said they liked Andromeda when the majority hated it Bioware got their over inflated ego blown up even more.

XMessiah23x221d ago

its just opinions, I loved Andromeda but thought Persona 5 was utter shyt. We all have our opinions.

Bigpappy221d ago

I am not agreeing or disagreeing with XMessiah23x.

Just wanted to say I like his spirit.

I don't know how good or bad ME: Andromeda is. But I can promise that none of the shatter is making any impact on whether or not I will purchase the game. Because I am a fan of ME, I will buy and play it for myself. I have been gaming too long to be lead by others opinion.

Sciurus_vulgaris221d ago (Edited 221d ago )

We likely won't be seeing another Mass Effect for a long time. I am assuming Andromeda under-performed, in terms of both sales and reception. If there is another Mass Effect release, it will likely be a 'Definitive Edition' of Andromeda.

Araragifeels 221d ago

Well according to IGN, Mass Effect is on hold aka hietus and Bioware Montreal Will be a support studio from now on which means Bioware Montreal won't be to do games again and they will be forced to support other Studio with their games.

Sciurus_vulgaris221d ago

Well knowing EA, Bioware Montreal is lucky the studio didn't get mass layoffs, or get shutdown.

Sciurus_vulgaris221d ago

Bioware Montreal is reported to be getting layoffs, and downgraded to a support studio. http://www.windowscentral.c...

EmperorDalek221d ago

If they don't want Andromeda 2, possibly make a Mass Effect 4. I think Andromeda's a great game, it's a shame the poor facial animations caused the internet to go absolutely ballistic on it, because it is the weakest aspect of the game. It's a great game overall.

PCgamer98221d ago

The facial animations are the least of its problems. The game was just buggy and would put vanilla skyrim to shame not to mention the horrendous story, script, and dialogue.

EmperorDalek221d ago

I've only played since patch 1.05, and there hasn't been any major issues bug-wise. Not perfectly polished, but there's nothing to detract from the game.

The main plot is generic, but the lore is interesting. That's not a bad approach due to the nature of the "colonize a new galaxy" story. Another game that's like that is Horizon, which had great lore to make up for a generic plot.

Script and dialogue are fine. Sure there are some bad lines, but that's exactly how the rest of the series has been.

The least of its problems? Answer this then - if the facial animations were good, meaning they wouldn't have caused a massive negative reaction, do you think the game would have been trashed so much upon reception? Absolutely not. The internet bandwagon effect really took a toll on Andromeda.

Flipgeneral221d ago

I'd have to disagree.

What a droll story, with a bland antagonist. Had potential, but things got really repetitive by the third planet. They played it really safe which Is disappointing (could be pressure from suits at EA).

And that God. The UX designer needs to go back to school and learn how to design a compelling interface. Not one that strains the player by tangling them

EmperorDalek221d ago

I responded to some of those points in my response above. The Kett are the weakest part of the story, everything else is pretty interesting. I don't think they really played it safe, to me a Mass Effect 4 using the indoctrination theory would have been playing it safe.

Long games like this tend to get repetitive. That usually isn't a fair complaint unless it's on the level of Mafia III, where they made no effort to counter repetitiveness.

Yeah the UI is cluttered, but you get used to it. Nothing that seriously harms the game.

Mithan221d ago

ME1 to 3 were awesome.

Notellin221d ago

Honestly I want to see it shelved for a few years. The development stories I've read about this game speak to the incompetent time management and direction of their management.

It reminds me of the Destiny 1 development. The game was scrapped and reworked several times. It amazes me how awful management becomes in big corporations.

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